Closing date for applications: Thursday, 29 October 2020, 23h00 CEST. 

The Communities Delegation to the Board of The Global Fund is currently inviting applications for membership from people living with HIV, and affected by Tuberculosis or Malaria. The selection process strives to achieve a balanced and representative Delegation with strong consideration for the following criteria:
• Malaria lived expertise
• Tuberculosis lived expertise
• People living with HIV
• Women in all their diversity
• Key population members
• Adolescent and Youths in all their diversity

The Delegation is especially encouraging applications from Latin America and the Caribbean, West and Central Africa, and Southeast Asia and Western Pacific regions, and members of the sex workers, drug users and transgender communities.

Operating Language: The operating language of the Global Fund is English; thus, the operating language of the Communities Delegation is English. It is therefore a key requirement that Delegates are fully able to communicate clearly in both written and spoken English.

Criteria for Selection
Membership of the Communities Delegation is on an individual basis. To be eligible, the individual must meet the following criteria:

  • A person: –
    a. Living with HIV; and/or
    b. Living with TB or who has had TB or MDR-TB; and/or
    c. Living with or who works with / has directly linkages with communities affected by
  • Demonstrated expertise and understanding of the scope of work of the Global Fund and the opportunities it presents, particularly relating to issues of people living with HIV, affected by tuberculosis and malaria in implementing countries of the Global Fund;
  • Demonstrate understanding on the mandate, roles, functions, and the governance role the Communities Delegation has on the Board of the Global Fund;
  • Experience in governance of global, regional, national institutions – including Boards of Health Institutions, Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs), Boards of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and/or Community Based Organisations (CBOs);
  • Consistent and/or predictable internet, email and phone access;
  • Ability to work well in written and spoken English (additional languages are valued);
  • Demonstrated linkages with community networks (local, national, regional levels);
  • Capacity to communicate and network effectively and broadly;
  • Commitment to principles of transparency and accountability;
  • Diplomatic and strategic political and negotiating skills to work with a variety of stakeholders;
  • Openness, willingness and ability to learn, and the commitment to engage in issues of different constituencies;
  • Commitment to achieve the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the Delegation;
  • Commitment to a minimum of eight hours per week for Communities Delegation discussion on Global Fund decisions via listserv discussions and/or teleconferences;
  • If employed by an organisation, written assurance regarding the availability of between 4 to 8 hours per week of time for Global Fund related activities; and
  • A letter of institutional support from an employer or affiliated organisation.
  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Members of the Communities Delegation are expected to work closely with the leadership, and will work primarily through email and conference calls. The primary role of all delegation members is to provide support and advice to the leadership. Members of the Communities Delegation have the following responsibilities:
  • To uphold and support the mission, values and principles of the Communities Delegation;
    II. Respect and implement the Communities Delegation agreed internal policies;
    III. Consult with communities, and communicate their priorities and needs linked to the Global Fund;
    IV. Meaningfully participate in all discussions of the Communities Delegation, especially related to Committee and Board Meetings of the Global Fund;
    V. Respond to communications within the time frame requested;
    VI. Commit to a minimum of 8 hours a week for Communities Delegation related duties; VII. Declare a conflict of interest as necessary; and
    VIII. Maintain pre-board and committee documents confidential in their entirety. Information on Global Fund issues and structures will be provided to new Communities Delegation Members.

The following should be sent in ONE (pdf) document in English to The email subject must read: APPLICATION TO COMMUNITIES DELEGATION 2020. Supporting documentation to be submitted with application must include:
1. An expression of interest detailing (max 4 pages):
– Your understanding of the Global Fund and its work and the community you represent;
– Details of your disease expertise (for Malaria, please demonstrate how you are linked to specific communities affected by Malaria);
– The skills you would bring to the Delegation.
2. Letter from employer, if applicable, supporting the application including time/ travel commitments.
3. Letter of support from one regional network or organization.
4. Letter of support from one relevant organisation other than your own.
5. Current and relevant curriculum vitae.

Applications without all requested documentation will be automatically disqualified. Incomplete applications, and those received after the deadline will not be considered. For more information on the application: