W4GF Advisory Group


Established in 2015, the W4GF Advisory Group provides technical and strategic advice to the W4GF Team. The Advisory Group comprises of not more than nine (9) members. The individuals represent community-based organisation (CBO) or civil society organisation (CSO) they are working for, and/or bring in additional expertise as individuals to the Advisory Group. Advisory Group members represent the country of domicile (and can represent the region or domicile). In such case the Advisory Group member no longer represents the country of origin (where they might have moved from). To read the Advisory Group ToRs click here.

Advisory Group Members

Members of the Advisory Group provide to W4GF:

  • Advice on the development of the W4GF strategy and its activities;
  • Guidance on working processes and activities within the W4GF workplan;
  • Guidance and support to the W4GF Global Coordinator;
  • Share/Identify any potential donors with the W4GF Team; and support in the creation and implementation of advocacy plans and activities.

In July 12 2019 the Advisory Group unanimously accepted Maurine Murenga as the W4GF Chair of the W4GF Advisory Group to support the work of the Advisory Group and the W4GF Team. Maurine has been a valued member from the Advisory Group since its inception in 2015 and has always provided thoughtful contributions to W4GF’s strategy and policy development. The purpose of the W4GF Chair is to strengthen W4GF structures.  The Chair’s primary role is to convene and chair Advisory Group meetings and to manage the affairs of the Advisory Group, including ensuring they are organised properly, function effectively and meets their obligations and responsibilities. The Chair also oversees the work of the W4GF Global Coordinator, who reports to her so that the Advisory Group can ensure effective running of the W4GF Team. The ToR for the W4GF Chair are available here.

Advisory Group members include:

  1. Elisa Canqui Mollo, International Indigenous Working Group on HIV and AIDS, Bolivia
  2. Gemma Oberth, Independent Consultant, South Africa
  3. Maurine Murenga, Lean on Me, Kenya
  4. Mmapaseka Steve Letsike, Access Chapter 2, South Africa
  5. Olivia Ngou Zangue, Malaria No More, Cameroon
  6. Sonal Mehta, International Planned Parenthood Federation South Asia Region (SAR), Bangkok (currently interim Chair)
  7. Svitlana Moroz, Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS (EWNA), Ukraine
  8. Sophie Dilmitis (Ex officio member), W4GF, Global Coordinator, Zimbabwe with the support of relevant W4GF Team member(s) manages the W4GF Team, and as such, is an ex officio member of the Advisory Group.

The Fiscal Agent representative(s) are observers on the Advisory Group participating to ensure a good understanding of the service they are providing. They are counted over and above the nine (9) Advisory Group members. They do not have voting rights and they are not counted in terms of regional or country representation. They include: Mary-Anne Torres, ICASO, Canada – Fiscal Agent on W4GF core funds and Olive Mumba, EANNASO, Tanzania – Fiscal Agent on W4GF Accountability work.