Women in all their
diversity for the
global fund

What we want

Ensuring that, to end HIV, TB and Malaria, the global fund supports programmes that meet the rights and needs of women and girls.


Ensuring accountability and critique of Global Fund investments to inform stronger programming for women and adolescent girls and young women.

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Influencing Global Fund decisions

Access to relevant information

Guidance on decision criteria

Key gender equality allies & partners

Events and Webinars

Join Women 4 Global Fund and help us achieve our goals around the world

Webinar on 20th November

Webinar on 20th December

Phase 2 begins on 20th January

How W4GF Works

Influencing local Global Fund Programmes

Support for Advocates

Global Advocacy

Workshops and Webinars

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Our Goal is for HIV, TB and Malaria programmes to reach Women

The Global Fund exists to end HIV, TB & Malaria

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