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As early as April 2020, W4GF urged the Global Fund to:

  • Remain alert to the gendered aspects of COVID-19 and to support countries to flatten the curve of inequalities given the increases in domestic violence, and weakening access to sexual and reproductive health services – both of which also put women and girls at increased risk of HIV
  • Encourage countries to access the COVID-19 flexibilities, and the COVID-19 Response Mechanism(C19RM) to address social inequities, and to monitor implementation of this policy
  • Continue to encourage countries to adopt programmes and services that are ‘gender security aware’ and responsive – and to reinforce this continuously in Global Fund guidance and support to countries
  • Ensure accountability and request that counties provide updates on how funds are being used to enable women and adolescent girls and young women to escape immediate impacts of violence, and the related increased risks of HIV
  • Track the ability of women and girls to access treatment for HIV, TB and malaria, as well as essential sexual and reproductive health and rights services which impact on HIV programs and save lives
  • Ensure that communities remain at the core of responses to COVID-19, in global and local decision-making processes, including funds accessed through the C19RM.