How We Engage

How can we help you to help the Global Fund to get the money where women need it most?

Governments pledge money to help tackle major global challenges – and that includes to end pandemics. This money is collected from governments, foundations and private organisations, and pooled in a big fund.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria is a partnership set up 20 years ago to end the impact of these three epidemics. The team at the Global Fund secretariat supports countries to address HIV, TB and Malaria and to build the health and community systems that make this work possible.

The Global Fund cannot achieve its goals unless the programs supported by these funds meet the needs and protect the rights of women and girls. Gender equality is central to ending the impact of these diseases.

That is where Women4GlobalFund comes in….

W4GF argued (successfully!) that these funds won’t make a difference unless countries do more to protect and promote gender equality, as well as human rights. This is one of the four pillars of the Global Fund Strategy and so all the programs supported by the Global Fund must make sure this happens.

Country ownership is the foundation of the Global Fund. This means that all partners in a country implementing programs supported by the Global Fund should decide how the money allocated by the Global Fund is used.

W4GF mobilises women in all their diversity to influence how those decisions are taken at country level, and to make sure that the money goes to make the biggest change. W4GF Advocates are empowered knowledgeable women who get involved in the most important discussions and decisions in their countries. It means influencing the structures – which can sometimes be a bit complicated – to make change happen. The W4GF Team is there to help you make that change happen.

Our goals are simple….

To make sure women are at the centre of all decisions about Global Fund funding requests

We do this by:

  • Assisting local W4GF Advocates to take part in Country Dialogues and to sit on CCMs;
  • Supporting local W4GF Advocates to shape Funding Requests, and engage in processes to decide on Principal Recipients and Sub Recipients so that funds reach women in the best way;
  • Holding those spending money accountable to ensure that women are reached and their rights respected;
  • Influencing decisions at global level.

We ask you:

  • Can we help you to achieve these goals?
  • Can you help W4GF achieve our goals?