Tanzania (Focus Country)

W4GF is implementing its Accountability Toolkit with ten women will make up the W4GF Accountability Implementation Group in Tanzania. To read more about this click here.

See information that is available around Tanzania’s funding request to the Global Fund here.

All national related work is led by Joan Chamungu Msuya from the Tanzania Network of Women living with HIV and AIDS (TNW+). TNW+ is the first network of women living with HIV in Tanzania for and run by marginalised women living with HIV which started its operation in November 2004. TNW+ was formed by women living with HIV from four non-governmental organisations and 19 community based organisations of marginalised women in all diversity respectively. TNW+ has 1500 members. The W4GF Accountability Implementation Group in Tanzania is:

  • Happy Assan – SALVAGE
  • Hellen Benedict – Voice of Young Girls and Women 
  • Hortencia Nuhu Mbalahami – Her Voice Fund
  • Irene Mongo – Green Community Initiative
  • Janeth Kiko – Binti makini foundation
  • Joan Chamungu Msuya – Tanzania Network of Women Living with HIV and AIDS 
  • Lulu Nyenzi – Women with Dignity 
  • Veronica Lyimo – Dignity and Well-being of Women Living with HIV in Tanzania 
  • Veronica Rodrick – Safe Space For Children And Young Women Tanzania/ Women With Dignity
  • Victoria Emmanuel – Green Community Initiative.

According to USAID Tanzania’s population is projected to reach 70 million by 2025 and women and young people are among the most marginalised in Tanzanian with wide spread gender  inequality.

The Government of Tanzania has adopted policies that advance gender equality and youth inclusion in a supportive enabling environment. The legal and regulatory framework and the sector-specific policies of government ministries and independent departments, however, have yet to be aligned with these policies. Furthermore, amending the Age of Marriage Act to increase the minimum age for females to marry to 18 years remains a critical point of action. There is also a need for well-trained parliamentarians, policy analysts, researchers, and civil society organizations in order to ensure successful female- and youth-positive legal reforms and policies.  In Tanzania it is estimated that 44 percent of adolescent girls have given birth or are pregnant before age 19. And by age 17, an estimated 58 percent of girls who are married have dropped out of school and in 2016, around 30% of women aged 15-49 who had ever been married or in a long-term relationship were estimated to have experienced physical or sexual violence from a male intimate partner in the past 12 months. Key national strategies and policies that the rights of women and girls in Tanzania include:

To find out more about W4GF’s Accountability work please contact the W4GF Co-Lead Global Coordinator Sophie Dilmitis or for more information about work at the national level contact Joan Chamungu here