W4GF Advocates play a vital role making sure that the Funding Requests submitted to the Global Fund respond to the local need and rights of women and girls. In every country these will be different, according to the epidemiology of the three diseases, especially which groups of women are most affected and how strongly the country is committed to gender equality.

W4GF supports advocates to identify the right points in the funding cycle where they can influence the process of requesting funds and delivering the programmes and services that get funded. When W4GF Advocates join country dialogues and the CCM – or influence proposal development in other ways – it is really important that the ideas that are presented have the most impact. It is one thing to get W4GF Advocates to the table – the next trick is to say the right thing when there!

On the website we have gathered some of the most important information resources and guidance to help W4GF Advocates to press the point about what is needed. You will know what matters for your local community – for the Global Fund to accept the Funding Request (and for the CCM to agree the ideas that are proposed) it is important to make arguments based on what the Global Fund has already identified as being important, and to rely on globally agreed guidelines and information.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to make arguments drawing on the Technical Guidance documents prepared by the Global Fund secretariat, as well as the normative guidance provided by technical agencies, for example WHO, UNAIDS, Stop TB Partnership, RBM Partnership to End Malaria and UN Women.