Young Women WhatsApp

W4GF set up a WhatsApp group for young women in February 2020 to reach young women on platforms that they use to communicate. “Young women are rarely in the webinars and we need to know how to pull them in, even with reminders, they seem disinterested. I know as I previously stayed away from webinars, the notion is it takes too much time and young women do not have bundles for this with complicated language.” A quote from a young woman.

This WhatsApp group now has over 200 participants from 27 countries. This WhatsApp group offers young women:

  • A space to talk about the Global Fund and related experience.
  • Monthly sessions to discuss the Global Fund and to share lived experiences around national, regional and global structures and processes in HIV, TB and malaria responses.
  • Knowledge that equips young women to influence Global Fund processes while sharing opportunities available and connecting to other W4GF Advocates.

W4GF has organised the following e-learning sessions discussing:

  • All about W4GF and how we work and the Global Fund Allocation Cycle (Feb 2020)
  • Reflections from window 1 (May 2020)
  • The Global Fund Strategy Development process (July 2020)
  • Experiences of adolescent girls and young women in window 2 (July 2020)
  • COVID-19 and young women (August 2020)
  • Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) (September 2020)
  • Community led monitoring (CLM) (Feb 2021)

Each session mostly follows the same topics covered in recent W4GF webinars and are guided by a script shared with invited panellists (all young women) ahead of the session to deliver core content and spark discussion.

If you are a young woman under 30 years and interested to understand the Global Fund processes and structures, join us by following this link