What it means to be a W4GF Advocate

W4GF Advocates are diverse women, including women living with and personally affected by HIV, TB and Malaria. We are inclusive of women from all key populations, including trans- and cis women and non-binary people. We welcome W4GF Advocates from all backgrounds and nationalities; most are from Global Fund implementer countries

W4GF values and principles guide our movement

Our Values include:
  • Accountability
  • Women-Centredness
  • Respecting Diversity and Fostering Solidarity
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Commitment to Gender Equity
  • Commitment to Gender-Transformative Approaches
Our Principles include:
  • Women’s Rights are Human Rights
  • Women have the Legitimate Right to Equitably Benefit from HIV, TB and Malaria Resources
  • Women are Agents of Change
  • Women are Diverse

More information about our values and principles can be found here When you join W4GF you agree to share these values and principles with us.

Why should you get involved?

More than half a decade into its existence W4GF has seen transformation and growth, and built stronger local and global partnerships. By joining us as a W4GF Advocate you access:

  • a broad network of diverse women and other gender equity community advocates with experience in promoting gender equity in Global Fund processes at national, regional and global levels;
  • online resources to inform your advocacy work – including virtual webinars that create space to engage with key people at the Global Fund Secretariat and from key partnerships and networks;
  • opportunities to exchange ideas and learn from how others are dealing with key issues in their countries around meaningful participation in Global Fund related processes, and advocates working to address gender inequity and human rights related barriers to advocating for access to quality health care;
  • opportunities to inform and engage in diverse advocacy through position papers that amplify the voices of women working in implementing countries to advocate for Global Fund resources and processes that advance gender equity at all levels in accountable, transparent and inclusive ways.

What we do

W4GF’s strength is rooted in building and sustaining connections among women in all of their diversity, and building an effective global movement. Women are supported through their engagement in different ways. W4GF provides a global platform for women to come together and share their experiences as they work at different levels – national, regional and globally to ensure that Global Fund processes work towards gender equity. Our work includes:

  • advocating for the right programmes that will make the most impact for women and girls;
  • advocating for sex, age and gender desegregate data that speaks to the nuances of women’s lives;
  • working on CCMs and support other civil society on CCMs;
  • highlighting bottlenecks in the process of applying for funds – especially around meaningful engagement;
  • monitoring country performance through grant implementation; and
  • working on shaping the next Global Fund strategy.

W4GF is also a virtual learning platform – hosting webinars, supporting the development of tools to grow the knowledge base and enabling connections between women that’s supports their advocacy in all spaces.  W4GF also is a space to unite women voice and advocacy to ensure Global Fund policy, processes and investment support the achievement of gender equity and human rights at all levels.

How we support you

W4GF is a global movement, a virtual network with a small Team working virtually across Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Our Fiscal hosts are EANNASO in Tanzania and ICASO in Canada.  The direction of W4GF is overseen by its Steering Group, and informed by Key Collaborators taking action at national level as well as other key stakeholders from sister networks and organisations. W4GF works closely with networks of women living with HIV and women from key affected populations, including through The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) and the International Network of People Who Use Drugs (INPUD), as well as with the three civil society Delegations to the Global Fund Board and the Community, Rights and Gender Regional Communication Platforms and other allies.

The heart of the W4GF Team’s work is to build, strengthen and sustain this virtual network of diverse advocates to promote gender equity through the Global Fund;  and to secure the infrastructure that supports their work and activities in a cohesive manner. W4GF has direct links to nearly 200 advocates from more than 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe that have been trained by W4GF and we have connected with more women and gender equity champions along the way.

W4GF Advocates are not paid, and there is no specific time commitment or expectation on engagement, beyond what you feel you are able to offer. On occasions we can cover some communication expenses for young W4GF Advocates who play a leadership role in their communities

The initial criteria for selecting those who were trained in the first couple of years were women in all their diversity, including Trans women (and some men) who were interested in gender equity but not engaged with the Global Fund, as well as some activists engaged with the Global Fund who were not addressing gender equity. They were all people identified as having potential and interest in engaging (if provided with support and information) and who were linked to other national processes.

How to join us:

If ALL of these statements apply to you then please follow this link and complete the form and let us know you would like to join the W4GF movement:

  • I care about and am committed to achieving women’s rights and gender equity in my country and globally
  • I want to make sure that Global Fund supported programmes and services are gender transformative and sensitive for women
  • I engage in national, regional or global processes linked to the Global Fund
  • I am linked to a network or organisation that does work connected to HIV, TB and malaria and upholds and respects the rights of women and girls in all our diversity
  • I have read the values and principles of Women4GlobalFund and agree that these are essential to effective and sustainable responses to HIV, TB and malaria.

For addition information contact communications@women4gf.org

Complete this form for our consideration

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