Digital Dossier: Leading women’s engagement with the Global Fund

Translating women’s needs into gender-transformative quality interventions

One of W4GF’s goals is to enhance accessibility and understanding of the current Global Fund Strategy (2023-2025), so women and girls have comprehensive access to HIV, TB and Malaria services through Global Fund Programmes. Creating the Digital Dossier is an outcome of our Mentorship programme, which focuses on gender-oriented advocacy. This initiative aims to ensure a transparent and inclusive funding application development process through the Country Coordinating Mechanism.

Our digital dossier aims to share precise, summarised, culturally sensitive, and language-appropriate information related to the Global Fund’s 2023-2025 Allocation Cycle, including programmatic guidance, reviews of programs, frameworks, and other supporting materials. The documents are classified into the following topics:

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Presentations of the Mentorship Program


The Mentorship Program presentations comprehensively overview the program’s objectives, structure, and benefits. The presentations and documents emphasize the program’s impact on Global Fund engagement process and the fostering of meaningful participation within the community. Through engaging visuals and narratives, these presentations inspire participants and encourage active involvement in the mentorship journey.


• Training on Key aspect of the Global Fund

• Session de formation sur les aspects clés du Fonds Mondial 20 Mai 2023

• Formation sur les aspects clés du Fonds Mondial

• Gender Assessments: Moving to gender responsive and transformative approaches

• Making the Global Fund more accessible to women and girls

• Watch the sessions recordings in our page

Grant Cycle 7: informations notes and community toolbox


Grant Cycle 7’s information notes and community toolbox furnish essential guidance for successful Global Fund project funding. These resources delineate the application process, eligibility criteria, and project scope, aiding potential grantees. The community toolbox, a compendium of templates and best practices, promotes collaboration, enabling women’s organisations to streamline proposals. Through transparent information dissemination, these tools enhance the grant cycle’s efficiency and impact, fostering innovative projects that address pressing challenges for gender equality.


• Community-led Monitoring in Country Proposals for the Global Fund 2023–2025 Funding Cycle (NFM4)

• Briefing Note Catalytic Investment 101

• Frequently asked question 2023-2025

• Tool for submitting applications to the Community Engagement Strategic Initiative

• How to Implement Community-led Monitoring. A Community Toolkit

• Guide to Support CLM Data Use in Decision-Making

• National Social Dialogues

• How to Develop Community Advocacy Priorities for inclusion into your country’s funding request to the Global Fund

• Community Engagement Toolbox

• Fiche d’appui à la programmation du volet santé communautaire et populations clés du manuel du cadre modulaire du Fonds mondial

• Les étapes du cycle de financement : focus sur les modalités d’implication de la société civile et des acteurs communautaires

• Community-led monitoring of programs and policies related to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria

• Guide to Support CLM Data Use in Decision-Making

• Application Materials Funding Cycle 2023-2025

• Atelier en visioconférence de dialogue pays pour l’élaboration de la demande au Fonds mondial de la subvention conjointe TB/VIH RSS Cycle de financement 2024-2026

• Global Fund’s Gender Equality Marker

• Presentation: Guide to Support CLM Data Use in Decision-Making

• Make or Break

• TB CRG Costed Action Plan Investment Package

• Priority TB Community, Rights & Gender Interventions for Inclusion in Global Fund Applications 2023-2025

• Malaria Matchbox Tool

• Note technique pour l’engagement des femmes dans leur diversité dans le cycle 7 des subventions au Cameroun

Advocacy and Women’s engagement


Advocacy and Women’s Engagement initiatives focus on advocacy messages and strategies for empowering women in various spheres. By promoting gender equality and amplifying women’s voices, these efforts drive social change. By encouraging women’s participation in decision-making processes, these digital dossiers foster gender equality. We address systemic barriers through strategic documents and targeted advocacy, ensuring women’s full inclusion and participation in all aspects of life.


• WHO Global High Burden countries lists TB TB/HIV 2021-2025 background document

• Technical Brief for The Pink Box Initiative

• Community Engagement Toolbox

• People with diverse SOGIESC Rights an introduction and engaging in the Universal Periodic Review

• Gender Operation PLan Harmonization Meeting

• Gender Operational Plan for HIV response in Tanzania Mainland (2023-2026)

• UNAIDS Gender Assessment Tool

• Promoting Gender Equality

• Decision-making Aide for Investments into HIV Prevention Programmes among Adolescent Girls and Young Women

• Note d’information technique : Feuille de route pour les défenseurs des populations clés dans le cadre du Fonds mondial de lutte contre le sida, la tuberculose et le paludisme

• Video Recording: International Community of Women Living with HIV- Global Office Strengthening the Engagement Of Women Living with HIV-led Networks

• Statement of African Malaria Civil Society

• CLM Best practices for strengthening the model

• National HIV and AIDs Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 Ghana

• Civil Society Malaria Elimination (CS4M) Annual 2022

• Scorecards for health services

• Advocacy Brief – Ensuring Access to comprehensive cervical cancer services in Tanzania

• Naciones Unidas – América Latina y el Caribe Perfil Regional de Igualdad de Género

• WHO 2024 – Fair share for health and care Gender and the Undervaluation

• RISE 2024 – Community Engagement in Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanisms Findings from the RISE Study

The Global Fund : key information


The Global Fund is a pivotal player in global health efforts. This topic elucidates the Fund’s mission, financing mechanisms, and impact on combating HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria. It highlights the Fund’s role in supporting health systems, reducing disease burdens, and strengthening partnerships. The Global Fund’s integral role in shaping health outcomes on a global scale is emphasized, showcasing its contributions to saving lives and building resilient communities.


• Terms of Reference of the Technical Review Panel

• TRP Review Approaches Manual

• Example Funding Request Form

• Funding Request Instructions: full review

• Instructions for Completing the Detailed Budget Template

• Community Engagement Strategic Initiative Update

• Community Engagement: A Guide to Opportunities Throughout the Grant Life Cycle

• Guidance Note Catalytic Multicountry Funds 2020-2022

• Overview of the 2023-2025 Allocations

• Description of the 2023-2025 Allocation Methodology

• 2023-2025 Allocations Frequently Asked Questions

• Fighting Pandemics and Building a Healthier and More Equitable World

• The Global Fund Strategy Framework

• Community Engagement Strategic Iniciative: Short-term NFM4 related TA

• Fighting Pandemics and Building a Healthier, More Equitable World

• Resource Mobilisation Training for CS4ME members

• Voicing Community Interests in the Global Fund

• Fighting Pandemics and Building a Healthier and More Equitable World

• Technical Brief Equity, Human Rights, Gender Equality and Malaria

• Technical Brief Gender Equity

• Achieving 1/4/6 by 2016 in NFM4

• Funding Request Instructions: tailored for National Strategic Plans

• Resumen – Actualizacion-de la Iniciativa-Estrategica Fondo Mundial Junio 2023 (ESP)

• The GLobal Fund Results Report 2023

Communication products and tools


We have developed communication products to make the dissemination of key aspects of the Global Fund and the 7 Granting Cycle more accessible so that women in their diversity can spread the word within their organisations. You can check out our posts here. Please, like and share in your social media.


• ¿What’s new in the GC7 and New Funding Model Request?

• ¿Why is gender equity crucial for the fight against HIV, TB and malaria?

• End TB and Gender Equity

• End Malaria and Gender Equity

• Community Led Monitoring in Tanzania show us their positive impacts it has on women and their communities

• Pandemic Treaty Toolkit

W4GF Documents


We share all documentation developed and produced by W4GF’s team. Here you will find position notes, policy briefs, advocay briefs, reports and guides.


• POSITION NOTE on Inclusion of Women’s and Girl’s Needs in GC7 Funding Request for HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

• GUIDE Your GC7 Pathfinder: Empowering Women’s Knowledge of GC7 Allocation Cycle 2023-2025

• REPORT Empowering Change CECAP Tanzania

• POLICY BRIEF Enabling women on track GF investments Cameroon

• GUIDE Navigating Gender Transformation in GC7

• ADVOCACY BRIEF Ensuring Access to comprehensive cervical cancer services in Tanzania

This collective effort is to become a learning platform for women seeking to influence decision-making in the fighting against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in the GC7 and Global Fund programs. You can leave us your valuable recommendations to add key documents to the digital dossier at this link.

Key document recommendations for W4GF Digital Dossier