In 2019 W4GF created this group of 10 W4GF Advocates to support the W4GF Secretariat and ensure a more systematic flow of information between women engaged at the national level and the W4GF Secretariat and vice versa. W4GF Collaborators will provide guidance to the W4GF Secretariat on its three objectives and sustain the following (ensuring balance of attention to HIV, TB and malaria):

  • Strengthen more dynamic dialogue between the W4GF Secretariat and W4GF Advocates at the forefront, to fine-tune priorities which emerge from discussions at the global/regional and national levels to better inform W4GF direction and strategy.
  • Develop more coordinated global advocacy actions and priorities that align with the national realities and to support the development of key messages on new and emerging issues as they relate to women (and girls) living with HIV, affected by TB and malaria in all our diversity.
  • Identify essential communication resources that are essential to women working at the national level in the context of the Global Fund.

W4GF Collaborators

Abhina Aher

Based in India

Cecilia Lodonu-Senoo

Based in Ghana

Daxa Vitthal Patel

Based in India

Happy Assan

Based in Tanzania

Mara Kumbweza Banda

Based in Malawi

Olimbi Hoxhaj

Based in Albania

Phelister Abdalla

Based in Kenya

Talent Madziva

Based in Zimbabwe