Values & Principles

W4GF Values

Accountability – Observing due processes and being transparent about how decisions are made and what informs our decisions to ensure that the use of resources serve the mandate of W4GF

Women-Centredness – Recognising unequal power relationships between women and men, and informing our advocacy with nuanced and critical analysis of issues through a gender lens

Respecting Diversity and Fostering Solidarity – Acknowledging diversity of women’s identities and lived realities while celebrating our shared commitment to women’s empowerment and gender equality, and working to expand and strengthen leadership among women across ages and continents

Collaboration and Partnership – Working in open and inclusive ways with women-led and women-centred organisations, encouraging leadership, while at the same time allowing for different levels of participation

Commitment to Gender Equity – Working not just for equality between women and men, but also in recognition of men’s greater access to resources and decision-making, equitably allocating resources and decision-making spaces for women

Commitment to Gender-Transformative Approaches – Working to address gender issues from its root causes through supporting challenging and changing of gender norms that create inequalities between women and men and promoting positions of influence for women

W4GF Principles

Women’s Rights are Human Rights – The rights and needs of women are equally important as men’s. The human rights of all women are important, regardless of our health status, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, race, class, caste, work, lifestyle, and other statuses. W4GF will work to ensure that these principles are reflected in Global Fund and related decision-making

Women have the Legitimate Right to Equitably Benefit from HIV, TB and Malaria Resources – W4GF will work to ensure that resources are spent efficiently, effectively and with the right communities and reach women in all their diversity. In particular, W4GF will work to ensure that there are sufficient mechanisms, spaces and opportunities for women to participate and lead

Women are Agents of Change – Women are not merely beneficiaries or passive recipients of Global Fund programmes. Women have played, and will continue to play critical roles in advocacy and delivery of rights-based HIV, TB and malaria responses

Women are Diverse – As a community, women are not homogeneous and different communities of women face multiple layers of stigma and discrimination in their lives. W4GF will work to ensure that this principle is reflected the in the Global Fund and its policies and programmes respond to this diversity.