W4GF Values

Accountability – making money work for women in communities, ensuring that it is spent efficiently, effectively and with the right communities; making sure that Global Fund resources back programmes that transform the diversity of women’s lives and have maximum impact on HIV, TB and malaria. Accountability also includes the integrity we bring to this process – in what we do as civil society, and also what we expect for our families and communities at large.

Human Rights – Women’s rights are human rights. Our work is grounded in a human rights framework. We recognize the fundamental rights and dignity of communities we work with and represent; we promote and advocate for the dignity and rights of all people, ensuring respect and gender equality and equity.

Diversity – we represent different constituencies and communities, countries and regions, and so we are careful about generalizations and assumptions. We speak from the experience of marginalization and some of us speak also from a place of privilege. We recognize our diversity and support each other in this. We recognize the marginalization experienced by many key affected women and girls, including women who use drugs, sex workers, transgender women, lesbians and bisexual women. And we acknowledge that young women and girls have vital contributions that are not always respected, and needs that are not always met.

Lived experience – we bring together people committed to gender equality who are directly affected by HIV, TB and malaria; many of us are living with HIV, have survived TB or and continue to experiences malaria; many of us are key affected women, from the communities most vulnerable to HIV, TB and malaria. For all of us, gender equality and the Global Fund directly impact our own lives, as well as the realities of our communities.

Collaboration and Partnerships – We are stronger together; we agree to learn from each other, share our knowledge and experiences; and work in open and inclusive ways and build alliances with groups to do together what we cannot do alone.

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