Call for nominations

Call for nominations:

W4GF representatives to join

1) Global Fund Partnership Calls

2) Joint Civil Society Action Plan (JCSAP) Calls

W4GF is looking for representatives who would be interested in representing W4GF and promoting gender equality through two important Global Fund processes:

1) Monthly  Global Fund partnership calls, convened by the Global Fund Secretariat Community Rights and Gender Department (GFS CRG DEPT)

Once a month the GFS CRG DEPT convenes calls (which last for up to two hours) to brief representatives from a broad range of community networks (including NSWP, INPUD, GNP+, ICW, ATHENA etc.) on important developments including how the NFM is moving forward. This is an opportunity to sustain your involvement with the Global Fund processes and influence stronger action on gender equality through the Global Fund.


The JCSAP was created by the Civil Society Delegations to the GF board to accelerate action by the GFS and others with civil society. This partnership involves STOP TB partnership, RBM and UNAIDS. The JCSAP covers a range of key issues, clustered through 7 building blocks (click here for more information). Sophie Dilimitis has been representing W4GF on the JCSAP and we are now looking for other W4GF advocates to support her in the role. A current top priority for JCSAP is the CCM and so we are ideally looking for a W4GF advocate with experience of her/his local CCM.


As a W4GF representative on the Partnership calls or the JCSAP you would be responsible for consulting in advance and feeding back to other W4GF Advocates. The W4GF Secretariat would support you in this position. Your role is voluntary and there will be no renumeration. The Global Fund dials you into the calls (and funds participation in any meetings) so costs are covered.


If you would like to be considered for the Global Fund Partnership Call Role please email by Tuesday 22nd April.

The next Partnership Call is likely to be on Thursday 26th April.

If you would like to be considered for the JCSAP Role please email by Friday 25th April.

The next JCSAP meeting has not yet been set.

If you have any questions please contact:

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