News: Updates from W4GF Advocates

Many Women4GF advocates are busy engaging with the Global Fund’s NFM process and are part of decision making as their countries develop or submit concept notes to the Global Fund. In many countries gender champions are becoming more meaningfully involved in the process and women are mobilising and demanding space. For example in Kenya, advocates are pushing for a seat on the CCM.

Here are some updates from some W4GF advocates:


In Ghana and Namibia W4GF advocates are meeting to strategize next steps.

In Madagascar – the National AIDS Council has informed W4GF advocates that country dialogue is imminent and that the country has received technical support from France Expertise Internationale (FEI) for overall technical assistance in the proposal development. Women4GF activists have also had informal discussions with the Global Fund country team (during a visit to Namibia) to explore the possibility of training on the NFM.

In Malawi – W4GF advocate (Annie Banda) has become the CCM civil society organizations representative and has been involved in the different meetings regarding the NFM in South Africa and Namibia. Women4GF activists are collaborating and expanding the space so that colleagues are able to attend CCM meetings in an observatory capacity to build a support base. To ensure adequate time to meet all the requirements – Malawi has pushed back the concept note submission date to October.

In South Sudan W4GF advocates are in communication with the CCM country team and with the Global Fund Secretariat and are part of the discussions around the NFM.

In Uganda – W4GF advocates have been focused on the HIV Prevention and AIDS Control Bill 2010 but hope to have training with women living with HIV on the NFM. The W4GF Secretariat has also provided training materials to ICWEA for this.

In Zambia – W4GF advocates are part of the New Funding Model (NFM) process – A gender assessment of the National Strategic Framework is currently underway and the draft concept note has now been submitted for review by UNAIDS and WHO.

In Zimbabwe W4GF advocates are part of the TB concept note writing team that worked from May 12 -24. In preparation for concept note deliberations – the group convened in mid April to review the Zimbabwe National Strategic Plan (NSP). Women4GF activists are taking advantage of parallel meetings to advocate for the Global Fund GES. Unfortunately Women4GF activists were not part of the Malaria concept note process and appreciated efforts from the Global Fund Secretariat to advocate for participation.


In Bangladesh – W4GF advocate partners (BRAC) are actively engaged in the process of developing the concept note on TB and Malaria.

In Indonesia – W4GF advocates are also engaged and aware of the great challenges facing communities, especially around ensuring gender equality.

In Malaysia  – some W4GF advocates have not been invited or kept up to date by the Malaysian AIDS Council on the progress of submitting the HIV concept note to the Global Fund. In addition to this questions around when the country dialogue will be held have been asked and not answered. However in the Ministry of Women and Development and other local funders, there has been progress around securing equal health rights.

In Nepal W4GF advocates have begun conversations with the CCM and with the Global Fund teams. Upon returning from the Women4GF training – Women4GF activists ran a NFM orientation with organizational staff and board members from seven districts with support of CCM. Following this Women4GF activists were invited to participate as members of the writing team but are struggling to link and integrate into the concept note issues around violence against women and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Women lack the technical information and the evidence base that is needed to make the case.


In Jamaica W4GF advocates (Jamaica Community of Positive Women (JCW+)) have moved into new offices. Three women living with HIV including the women living with HIV representative on the CCM participated in a Caribbean Global Fund training on the NFM (April 8 -9). In addition JCW+ is supporting the women living with HIV representative on the CCM to organise an information sharing session with 15 women on May 31st on the NFM and to strategise on next steps leading to the CCM meeting at the end of May.


In Ukraine – W4GF advocates are aware that the country has planned to submit their concept note before 15 June. Women4GF activists are members of the technical group developing the Concept Note and the group has already selected the modules, which incorporate gender equality. Women will be strategising together to highlight best examples of gender sensitive and transformative programs for people who inject drugs and prisoners, etc.

If you would like to share any updates on the Global Fund’s NFM process in your country please comment below.

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