Update: W4GF holds Webinars on UNDP Gender Checklist

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.06.44W4GF recently organised two webinars about the UNDP Gender Checklist in partnership with UNDP.

The purpose of the webinars was to highlight the UNDP Gender Checklist as an important tool that can support W4GF Advocates participating in country processes of the new funding model (NFM) to ensure that concept notes (submitted to the Global Fund) address gender inequality, which is widely recognised as a driver of the HIV epidemic.

The webinars covered the following:

  •  A overview of the NFM
  • A gender perspective in the response to HIV, TB and malaria and the impact of HIV, TB and malaria on girls, women, and key affected women and populations
  • Integrating gender into the NFM, focusing on the UNDP gender checklist
  • Supporting tools to integrate gender into the NFM and in National Strategic Plans (NSPs) such as the UNDP “roadmap”, the UNAIDS Gender Assessment tool, UN Women, et.al. Compendium on Gender Equality and HIV Indicators and What Works for Women and Girls website/evidence tool as well as W4GF
  • Experience from communities integrating gender into Global Fund processes

The webinars united civil society with technical partners from UNDP, UNAIDS, the Global Fund and What Works for Women & Girls through several “hubs” located across the globe. The first webinar –can be downloaded and listened to here – Gender Checklist for Global Fund New Funding Model – Tuesday 10 June 2014 in addition to the supporting PowerPoint. Due to technical issues the second webinar could not be recorded.

Collectively the webinars united around 50 activists from approximately 25 countries working to strengthening the integration of gender into the Global Fund’s new funding model (NFM).

UNDP are planning further webinars on the Checklist in French and Spanish, please let us know if you would be interested in participating in future webinars by emailing info@women4gf.org

Please let us know if you felt this webinar was useful? Leave comments and continue the discussion below:

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