Update: Concept Note Submission Schedule

The Global Fund has updated the concept note submission schedule for 2015 based on the learnings of applicants and country teams in 2014. It is anticipated that this revised schedule will enable applicants to put forth quality applications and potential iterations throughout the year.

Based on Technical Review Panel analysis and recommendations of previous concept note submissions, W4GF strongly encourages communities to be involved in the country dialogue process to ensure that issues and interventions that clearly target women and girls are incorporated in the concept note to ensure that holistic services and prevention programmes support women and girls across the three diseases.

In addition, technical support is available for communities to be involved in the country dialogue process under the Community, Rights and Gender Technical Assistance Program. The aim of the  Program is to ensure that key populations, communities and local civil society organizations are meaningfully engaged in the country dialogue and concept note development processes at the country level. A range of community networks and community-based consultancies, including ASAP, are able to provide TA requested through this program.further information is available here




Concept Note Submission TRP Review Secretariat GAC Review

Approximate Communication to Applicant

Window 5 30 January 18-27 March April Mid May
Window 6 20 April 12-21 June July Late July
Window 7 15 July 31 August –6 September October Late October
Window 8 15 September 2-8 November December Late December

Note: if there are low numbers of concept notes to be reviewed in either window 7 or window 8 then the Global Fund may consolidate the number of review meetings.

Regional concept notes from approved Expressions of Interest are due with Window 5 submissions.  Their due date is January 30, 2015.
The submission date for new regional Expressions of Interest remains April 1, 2015.

CCMs are requested to update their concept note registration for 2015 on the Grant Management Platform.
Instructions are on the Global Fund website.

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