APNSW & ASWA Capacity Building on the Global Fund, Human Rights and Gender, Siem Reap, Cambodia. 8 – 13 August 2013.


APNSW is the Asia Pacific regional network of sex work projects. APNSW is a sex worker initiated and lead organisation representing sex worker organisations in Asia & the Pacific. APNSW members include National sex workers networks, sex worker run organisations and sex worker projects representing male, female and transgender sex workers. All APNSW members share the same core beliefs that sex work is work and that sex workers should lead their organisations and projects.

APNSW is committed to securing human rights and self-determination for sex workers. It believes that stigma, discrimination and criminalisation are the main drivers of sex workers’ vulnerability to violence, HIV and other effects of social exclusion.

NSWP exists to uphold the voice of sex workers globally and connect regional networks advocating for the rights of female, male, and transgender sex workers. It advocates for rights based health and social services, freedom from abuse and discrimination, and self determination for sex workers.

NSWP works to advocate for the human rights of sex workers to be upheld in all the areas where sex workers’ rights are infringed upon because of stigma and discrimination. NSWP regularly publishes briefing papers and reports which relies heavily on sex worker input as sex workers are the experts on their own lives and are best placed to articulate their own needs.

The briefing papers listed on this page are some of our most recent publications. A number of them have a strong focus on sex workers’ rights in the context of HIV. The NSWP Consensus Statement on Human Rights, and the Law is also listed which sets out the demands of sex workers in terms of having their human rights upheld as often stigma and discrimination against sex workers prevent them from enjoying their rights like others .

You can visit the websites of APNSW and NSWP for more information and to browse other resources and news related to sex worker rights across the world.

Background Documents

To download a document, right click (or, control click if using a computer made by Apple) on the document’s link.

This range of documents provides a varied insight into the Global Fund, the new funding model (NFM) and the Gender Equality Strategy (GES). For those who have limited knowledge of the Global Fund this is a useful video introduction to the Global Fund (just 10 minutes long):

Guidance on sex work programming

NSWP Global Report – Good practice in sex worker led HIV programming
A global report documenting the experiences of sex workers to strengthen sex workers’ group efforts to become effectively involved in the development of policies and programmes that help to amplify their voices both at regional and international levels. The report also documents the access of sex workers to treatment and the impact of non-rights-based HIV such as highly coercive or mandatory HIV programmes, as well as the lack of access to affordable and effective treatment for HIV and STIs.

NSWP Global Briefing – Impact of non-rights based HIV Programming
Briefing paper that summarises the shortcomings of HIV programming around the world and how non-rights based approaches to programming contribute to the vulnerability/marginalisation of sex workers living with HIV.

WHO Sex Worker Implementation Tool – SWIT
A tool offering practical advice on implementing HIV and STI programmes for and with sex workers

WHO guidelines for prevention and treatment for sex workers
Document providing technical recommendations on effective interventions for the prevention and treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among sex workers and their clients

UNAIDS DRAFT young key population brief on sex work
A technical brief from UNAIDS addressing four young key populations. This aims to catalyse and inform discussions about how best to provide services, programmes and support for young people who sell sex.

Guidance on sex work, treatment, PrEP and access to medicines

NSWP Global Briefing – Access to HIV Treatment
Summary of findings of five briefing papers on sex workers’ access to HIV treatment in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America and the Caribbean

NSWP Global Consultation Report on PrEP and Early Treatment
Initial step in highlighting the experiences and concerns of sex workers around the world in the hope that dialogue and meaningful engagement with key populations will continue

NSWP Briefing Paper: Access to Medicines
Overview of trade frameworks used by pharmaceutical companies that impact people with HIV. Lays out basics of trade related matters that potentially lead to lack of affordable and accessible medicines for people living with HIV

Guidance on sex work, legislation and the world of work

NSWP Briefing Paper: Sex Work & the Law 
Describes different legislative frameworks used to criminalise and oppress sex work and sex workers, provides insight into language and principles of NSWP used to advocate for laws that protect and respect sex worker’s human and labour rights

ILO HIV and AIDS Committee report on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work
Report of the Committee on HIV/AIDS which documents the discussions leading up to the drafting process of ILO Recommendation No. 200 on HIV/AIDS and the world of work

ILO Recommendation 200: HIV and AIDS and the World of Work
Summary on the effect HIV has on the attainment and loss of work

Demands and statements from sex worker-led organisations

NSWP Consensus Statement
Consensus Statement issued on behalf of NSWP members and the sex workers they represent. The statement covers eight rights which sex workers are often denied because of the stigma and discrimination sex workers face.

NSWP Briefing Paper: Positive Sex Workers Demands 
Briefing paper sets out the demands of sex workers living with HIV articulated by sex workers themselves.

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