Global Fund launches Human Rights Complaints Procedure & Hosts Information Sessions with Civil Society Partners

The Global Fund has been working to incorporate human rights into every aspect of the grant life cycle, from consultation to implementation. One key element is the inclusion, in grant agreements signed under the Global Fund’s new funding model, of certain minimum human rights standards which Global Fund-supported programs are expected to uphold.

In brief, Global Fund-supported programs are expected to:

  1. grant non-discriminatory access to services for all, including people in detention;
  2. employ only scientifically sound and approved medicines or medical practices;
  3. not employ methods that constitute torture or that are cruel, inhuman or degrading;
  4. respect and protect informed consent, confidentiality and the right to privacy concerning medical testing, treatment or health services rendered; and
  5. avoid medical detention and involuntary isolation, which, consistent with guidance published by the World Health Organization, are to be used only as a last resort.

The Global Fund has launched its human rights complaints process. Anyone who feels that any of these rights have not been respected in the context of a Global Fund-supported program can now file a complaint with the Office of the Inspector General. Complaints can be filed by email at, via the free telephone reporting service at +1 704 541 6918 or through the Global Fund’s website. All information will remain confidential, and anyone making a complaint can also choose to remain anonymous.

For more information about the human rights complaints process, please see the short brochure, available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic). There is also a poster (available in five languages) which implementers will be encouraged to hang in every health care facility as a means of informing the public. The brochure will be distributed to all CCM members and implementers after they have signed a grant agreement under the new funding model. Hard copies of both are freely available upon request.

The human rights complaints process is currently being featured on the Global Fund website with a blog post, a news release and a photo gallery.

As part of the launching process, the Global Fund Secretariat is organising a number of calls with civil society partners, the schedules for the calls are listed below.

  • 28 April (2- 3 p.m. CET)
  • 30 April (4-5 p.m. CET)
  • 1 May (10-11 a.m. CET)
  • 4 May (11-12 a.m. CET)

Calling-in numbers are available here, and the participant code is 506342.

W4GF advocates are urged to share this information, and encouraged to join the information call(s) to ensure that women’s rights are also central in the responses of the Global Fund.

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