Job Summary
The Global Fund Advocates Network Asia-Pacific is a partner of the Global Fund Advocates Network and aims to facilitate more consolidated advocacy efforts by communities and civil society in the Asia-Pacific region towards sufficient investments in health, and especially in HIV, TB and malaria, through the mobilisation of resources for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; as well as increased domestic financing for the three diseases in countries of the Asia-Pacific region.
The Regional Coordinator will receive his/her mandate from the GFAN AP Steering Committee. S/he will receive guidance from the Chair of the GFAN APSteering Committee, the GFAN AP Special Advisor, as well as the Executive Director of the host organisation.
The Regional Coordinator is responsible for coordinating GFAN AP regional and in-country activities with partners; liaising and maintaining relationships/activities with GFAN and GFAN Africa; and also supporting the GFAN AP Steering Committee.
We are looking for a highly motivated individual that:
  • Can demonstrate extensive engagement with communities and civil society organisations in the Asia-Pacific region and in responding to the three diseases
  • Has in-depth understanding of global health financing, and more specifically in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Has demonstrated commitment in working to improve the quality of lives for people living with HIV, and affected by TB and/or malaria, as well as engagement with communities of key affected populations in responding to the three diseases
  • Has understanding of Global Fund replenishment cycles
  • Will be able to commence work in mid-July 2015
Key Responsibilities of the Regional Coordinator towards the GFAN AP Partnership include:
  • Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the GFAN AP workplan;
  • Provision of on-going support to GFAN AP affiliates, stakeholders and project implementation partners in GFAN AP related activities;
  • Management of an information sharing platform, coordinate communication, and provide direct support for GFAN AP members, including, but not limited to increasing its membership, managing the GFAN AP listserv, organising regional/national meetings, hosting teleconferences; and
  • Supporting GFAN AP through policy analysis, strategic advice, and identification of opportunities for advocacy, capacity development and resource mobilisation
Key Responsibilities of the Regional Coordinator towards the GFAN AP Steering Committee include: 
  • Secretariat support to the GFAN AP Steering Committee in executing its roles and functions;
  • Develop, implement and monitoring the GFAN AP strategy and workplan as mandated by the GFAN AP Steering Committee;
  • Develop for the approval of GFAN AP Steering Committee, and monitor the budget necessary to execute the workplan;
  • Ensure proper documentation of working processes, develop internal and external reports for GFAN AP;
  • Represent the GFAN AP partnership on request of the GFAN AP Steering Committee, and establishing and maintaining working relationships with relevant stakeholders and networks in the region; and
  • Regularly liaise with other GFAN groups (Global and Africa) and seek out opportunities to advocate collaboratively or complementarily in line with the strategy and workplan mandated by the GFAN AP Steering Committee.

A draft Terms of Reference is available here.

An annual salary of US$36,000 (excluding​ benefits and expatriation costs) is negotiable. The hosting arrangements, final salary package and benefits will be negotiated with the final candidate, according to the arrangements necessary for employment.

To apply, please email with subject matter “GFAN AP Regional Coordinator Application” with the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover Letter – including 2 personal references

For further information, please email

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