REPOST from GFAN: 1 week left to contribute to the Global Fund Strategy e-forum!

Calling all Gender Equality Advocates!

If you have not already done so, please find information in the below advertisement to participate in the Global Fund Strategy e-forum. Your inputs on how the Global Fund in its 2017 – 2021 strategy can go further in ensuring funded gender transformative programmes is important for strengthening and empowering women and girls in communities! Please refer below for additional information.

You can also refer here for more information on the brief produced by W4GF & ICW on women and girls.

Reminder: One week left to contribute to the Global Fund Strategy e-forum


Deadline for submissions: June 30th 2015

Join here to participate in the e-forum set up to help shape the next Global Fund Strategy. You can still contribute on any topic, from any week – it is not too late to have your say!

NOTE: Updated resources provided in the Resources section below

As we have shared previously, the Global Fund is currently engaged in the development of its new strategy and has convened an online forum and is convening 3 in-person Partnership Forums under the theme: “Shaping Our Future: Collaborating for a Healthier World”.

You still have one week to contribute to the e-forum – which is everyone’s opportunity to participate in a borderless, multi-lingual consultation that will help shape the new strategy of the Global Fund.

Please see the list of resources on the right which include a summary of CS contributions around the Strategy from various fora to date.

Once signed in to the e-forum, you can access all the discussion questions that have been posed since the beginning of the e-forum in April – you can answer ANY of the questions/topics of interest or relevance to you in your work.

It is moderated simultaneously in four languages, EnglishFrenchRussian and Spanish.


  • ICASO/ICSS Summary of CS contributions to the Strategy to date
  • 3 Civil Society Delegationsbrief on important issues for the Strategy
  • GFAN Note on e-Forum
  • ICASO Note: Global Fund Strategy – Key Opportunities for Advocacy
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