Updated: Advocacy Brief on Women and Girls for the New Global Fund Strategy 2017 – 2021

Women4GlobalFund (W4GF) jointly with the International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW) developed an advocacy brief through consultation with gender equality and women’s rights advocates to enable broader participation of women and gender equality advocates in the Global Fund Strategy 2017 – 2021 development process.

This advocacy brief  was developed before the 1st Partnership Forum held in Addis Ababa, and has since been updated for the 2nd and 3rd Partnership Forums. The Advocacy Brief calls for increased attention and action in the new Global Fund Strategy towards achieving gender equality and fulfilling equitable health outcomes for women and girls through the following areas:

  • Meaningful engagement and representation at all levels;
  • Supporting communities in need;
  • Increased investment in communities of women and girls;
  • Supporting the right programmes;
  • Addressing structural issues;
  • Stronger links to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights; and
  • Collecting the right data through the right indicators.

For further details, the advocacy brief is available in EnglishFrenchSpanish and Russian and in all four languages here.

We hope that this brief can be used in  advocacy efforts either in person at the 3 Partnership Forums organised by the Global Fund Secretariat, in order to ensure that the Global Fund in the next five years can take on and address key issues that are central to improving the quality of lives for equitable health outcomes for women and girls in all their diversity.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the advocates for actively participating in the discussions and providing input into the discussions and revisions of this Advocacy Brief – Milly Katana, Claire Mathonsi (International HIV/AIDS Alliance), Maureen Murenga (ICW), Hereni Melesse (ATHENA, Ethiopia), Carol Nyirenda (Coalition of Zambian Women living with HIV), Luisa Orza (ATHENA), Marama Pala (ICWAP), Nonna Turusbekova, (consultant from Kyrgyzstan based in the Netherlands and a steering group member of the TB Europe coalition and a member of the advosiory group to the Community Rights Gender team), Olena Stryzhak (All-Ukranian Network of PLWH), Seri Wendoh (IPPPF), Olivia Laure Ngou Zangue (Malaria No More, Cameroon), Souhaila Bensaid (ATL MST Sida s. Tunis), Sophie Brion (ICW), Rebecca Matheson (ICW), Tyler Crone (ATHENA), Rodelyn Marte (APCASO), Sian Maseko (OXFAM Canada, Zimbabwe), Peter Ng’ola Owiti (Wote Youth Development Projects), Jessica Whitbread (ICW).


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