UNAIDS and Stop AIDS Alliance publication Communities deliver: The critical role of communities in reaching global targets to end the AIDS epidemic.

This comprehensive report draws on evidence that documents the many ways in which communities are advancing the response to AIDS, and the evidence for the effectiveness of these responses.  One such example is “The SASA community approach—developed by Raising Voices, a Kampala-based NGO which aims to prevent violence against women by focusing on the root causes of girls and women’s vulnerability, gender inequality and the power imbalance between women and men.

Core areas of community-based activities including advocacy, service provision, community based research and financing are illustrated by innovative examples of community-based actions. This publication can be used to:

  • support the better inclusion of community responses in national planning and funding, including Concept Notes to the New Funding Model of the Global Fund;
  • make the investment case that community responses to HIV must be well-resourced and understood as being core to domestic and international funding;
  • make the case that transformative community responses are needed to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

Translation into French, Russian and Spanish is underway.

For more information, please contact Chris Mallouris (mallourisc@unaids.org) or Chris Collins (CollinsCh@unaids.org) in the Community Mobilisation Division.