ICWAP Regional Coordination – Contract Position

The International Community of Women Living with HIV – Asia Pacific (ICWAP) is recruiting for a 4-month Regional Coordination Contract position with the strong possibility of extension or a permanent position (funding permitting) at the end of the 4-month period.

To apply  submit a letter of interest addressing the key responsibilities and skills required, CV, a short unedited writing sample and two professional references by September 20th, 2015 via email to humanrights@iamicw.org

ICWAP is a dynamic regional network of women living with HIV that envisions a world where all women living with HIV live their lives free of gender oppression, realizing and claiming our full rights inclusive of sexual, reproductive, legal, economic and health rights. ICW Asia Pacific (ICWAP) is the regional voice of women living with HIV and a member of the global ICW network. We are the only network of our kind in the region. ICWAP is comprised entirely of grassroots networks of women living with HIV at the local and national levels in the following countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Timor, Thailand, Vietnam.

The ICWAP Regional Coordinator, will lead the administration, coordination, communication, exchanging and reporting of ICW’s activities in the Asia Pacific region. The ICWAP Coordinator Consultant provides coordination and support for the effective implementation of ICW Asia Pacific’s agenda, including mobilization of resources. This is a contracted position that will require the individual to be based in either Chiang Mai or Bangkok,Thailand.

Reports to: The Board of ICWAP

Purpose of the ICWAP Regional Coordinator:

  • To coordinate and implement the establishment of the ICWAP Regional Office;
  • To provide support to the Board of ICWAP and position new office in Thailand;
  • To act as the primary staff administrator for the regional office; and,
  • To implement quality programming and increase the visibility and impact of ICWAP.

Key Consultancy Roles and Responsibilities


  • Administration of regional efforts
    • Conducting logistics required in the region for the establishment of an office in Thailand (location to be determined) and the day-to-day operations of a regional office.
    • Updating membership-related data. Working on issues related to membership in a coordinated fashion with the regional representatives and the Global Office, ensuring data confidentiality.
  • Coordination of ICW members and regional activities
    • Keeping members in the region regularly informed. In relation to the values, purpose, vision and activities of the region, in the areas of involvement. Providing a regular report to the group of members in the region on the network’s progress and developments, including information through ICW Global and regional electronic forums whenever possible.
    • Program Implementation: Working with the country level chapters and regional board and volunteers to implement ICW AP programming and advocacy at the regional and global level.
    • Communication and information exchange.
    • Keeping communications and coordination of actions in a close and regular manner with the regional ISC representatives, the Global Office Focal Point and the Chair of the ICWAP.
    • Undertaking regular and systematic discussion processes with representatives and members in the region.
    • Working with Hothouse Design to update the web with current information and updates with support from the board.
  • Link with the International Steering Committee and the Regional Members
    • Supporting the Board with coordination and support for monthly board meetings, minutes and to conduct the business of the board.
    • Conducting effective and appropriate processes for board elections Preparing, calling and conducting the election process, ensuring ICW member participation, inclusion and transparency with a harmonious transfer of knowledge from the existing regional representatives to the newly elected ones.
    • Liase with the Global Office.
  • Resource Mobilization
    • Mobilizing and managing resources for the region: Identify funding opportunities in partnership with the ICW AP board and develop and submit proposals to increase ICW AP’s resources at the regional level.
    • Grant Reporting: Manage all aspects of program monitoring and evaluation and grant reporting for all regional efforts.
    • Mobilising core resources for Permanent Regional Coordination Position and other basic organizational needs. 


  • Oversee, implement and coordinate regional activities
  • Provide monthly reports on progress to the Board
  • Develop and disseminate annual reports
  • Responsible for issues of financial and programmatic compliance
  • Develop for approval work plan and budget for the organization
  • Identify and seek fundraising opportunities
  • Coordinate annual face-to-face Board meetings and monthly teleconference calls
  • Work closely with the ICWAP regional representatives and the Global Advocacy Officer on capacity building activities
  • Participating in Monthly Global Advocacy Working Group teleconferences
  • Develop and implement membership related tools, guides, consent, confidentiality
  • Data entry
  • Social Media development
  • Newsletter logistics
  • Develop and maintain and update an ICWAP web-based membership platform
  • Work closely to engage and build the membership in Asia and the Pacific
  • Coordinate ICWAP campaigns and/or research activities. Assist in dissemination of findings, utilizing a variety of creative and regional appropriate methods (e.g. press conferences, roundtable discussions, interviews, articles, social media).
  • Participate in regional dialogue platforms including but not limited to the IATT monthly meetings via Skype
  • Work with regional members to ensure and coordinate representation of women living with HIV at all major decision making tables in the region.

Person Specification



  • Knowledge of women living with HIV and not for profit groups.


  • Woman living with HIV, who is open about her status.
  • Knowledge and experience with ‘key populations’.
  • ICW member and involved in ICW.

Experience Required


  • Program management experience (e.g. work planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation).
  • Strong women and HIV experience including programming, policy and relationship development.
  • Proven experience working with HIV not for profit organizations and/or networks.
  • Organizational development experience including capacity building and scale up.


  • Experience of virtual/distance management within cross cultural and diverse environments.
  • Experience developing databases.
  • Experience with social media.
  • Experience mobilizing resources.

Abilities and Skills Required

  • 3–5 years experience in Program Management/Coordination.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • Self-starter, ability to work independently.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.
  • Computer and Data management skills.
  • Firm commitment to the ethos of ICW.


Ability to travel frequently.


Applicants can be based in either Chiang Mai or Bangkok, Thailand.


Salary is competitive with similar positions.



The International Community of Women Living with HIV Asia Pacific was formed exclusively for charitable purposes. ICWAP is dedicated to build the leadership of women living with HIV and to ensure their involvement in HIV advocacy at national, regional and international levels.

ICWAP is a community of women living with HIV in the Asia and Pacific Region. Every member is dedicated to working to improve the quality of life of women who are living with HIV and to make sure their rights are upheld and respected. ICWAP was formed by and for women living with HIV and exists as an autonomous network, associated with ICW Global, the international network of women living with HIV throughout the world, which includes other autonomous regional offices and a global support office.

ICWAP Purpose

  • To create a sense of solidarity and provide support for, and between, women living with HIV.
  • To work towards achieving full rights and freedoms particularly sexual, reproductive, legal, financial and health of women living with HIV, irrespective of any factor including, gender, culture, age, religion, sexuality, social or economic status, class or race.
  • To collaborate with autonomous ICW networks in different regions of the world to further the purpose of ICW as a whole.
  • To work in solidarity with other like minded organization and communities.

Values of ICW

  • Mutual Respect
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Commitment to Advocacy: To advocate so that the rights of women living with HIV/AIDS are respected and our voices heard in all global spaces relevant for decision making.
  • Accountability: ICW and its policy should be in benefit of all its members, regardless of age, religion, culture, sexuality, etc. ICW must be responsible for its actions, the use of funds and the compliance with any legal need.
  • Self-determination: As women living with HIV/AIDS, we need to exercise our human rights. We also need the power within ourselves through mutual support and self-determination.

ICWAP is an equal opportunity employer and we strongly encourage women living with HIV to apply.

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