Apply Now! Workshop on Strengthening and Integrating TB & Malaria within the HIV Gender Response

W4GF encourages interested participants for the workshop on Strengthening and Integrating TB & Malaria within the HIV Gender Response!

  • Do you already plan to attend ICASA 2015?
  • Are you interested in strengthening your knowledge and expertise around TB & malaria gender responses related to the Global Fund?
  • Do you want to do more in your country around HIV, TB and malaria?

Please be advised that our budget is to support people to extend their stay in Zimbabwe.

Send in your nomination via survey monkey before 25 October 2015.

Immediately following ICASA 2015, from 6 – 8 December 2015 Women4GlobalFund (W4GF) is organising a consultation with the following objectives:

  • To strengthen the capacity and responses of HIV gender advocates around TB and malaria to engage in country level processes (including National Strategic Plans, Global Fund Country Dialogues, and Country Coordinating Mechanisms) from a gender equality perspective;
  • To inform W4GF advocates on the new HIV/TB Gender Assessment Tool and other related tools for advocacy on gender-transformative programmes on HIV, TB and malaria during country processes;
  • To share the new Global Fund Strategic Framework 2017 – 2021 to (a) identify key next steps and actions at country level, and (b) understand how the Global Fund Strategic Framework 2017 – 2021 supports Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and how it relates to the gender response; and
  • To identify areas of synergies, as well as gaps and challenges on integrating gender into HIV, TB and malaria programmes to feed into the process of operationalising the Global Fund Key Strategic Framework 2017 – 2021.

With support from the ViiV Healthcare Foundation, Stop TB Partnership, the Global Fund CRG Department, and the Communities Delegation on the Board of the Global Fund – this 3-day workshop is designed to build a strong and diverse range of women’s advocates – especially women living with HIV, and affected by TB and malaria. This workshop will expand the pool of HIV advocates who are TB literate and can strategically advocate for the right support and programmes that are gender-sensitive and important to TB as well as HIV and malaria. This would address the existing gap (in most affected countries in the region) of too few TB champions within the HIV community – especially of those focusing on women and girls and gender equality. Advocates should be lobbying and advocating for TB (and malaria, where applicable) to receive the attention it needs in addition to HIV and malaria to affect the status quo.

W4GF hopes to gather up to 30 diverse participants from a range of communities with priority given to people living and\or affected by HIV, TB and malaria and key populations, in particular sex workers, transgender women, women who use drugs and young women.

W4GF request nominations of women and men who care about gender equality to participate in this workshop through an online survey, which can be accessed here requesting the following details: (Please be advised this will take 20 minutes to complete)

  • Personal details including HIV/TB/malaria Status and passport details
  • Communities represented
  • ICASA attendance
  • Motivation to attend this workshop
  • Experience in HIV/TB/malaria programming as it relates to gender
  • Involvement in the Global Fund
  • Committed to continuing this work after the workshop with W4GF.

Send in your nomination via survey monkey before 25 October 2015.

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