Community Perspectives: Guiding the CRG Special Initiative in Anglophone Africa

As host of the Regional Platform (part of the Global Fund’s CRG Special Initiative) for Anglophone Africa – EANNASO strives to enhance the knowledge of civil society and community groups on the Global Fund and access related technical assistance (TA).

Community Perspectives: Guiding the CRG Special Initiative in Anglophone Africa – The short 4-page document highlights the results of a recent survey on the knowledge and perspectives of civil society and communities on Global Fund processes in 15 Anglophone African countries. The results from this survey (to scaffold the current understanding of TA and capacity development gaps) guides the Platform’s strategic capacity development initiatives directly responding to gaps and needs.

The information in the document might be useful to to W4GF Advocates also advocating for improved coordinating with other TA initiatives addressing similar needs and rights of women in all their diversity.

Key findings of the document include:

  • Most respondents said that concept note development was the most open part of the New Funding Model for civil society organisations and community groups, while grant-making was the most closed part.
  • Respondents from civil society organizations were more likely to have participated in both country dialogues and regional dialogues than respondents from key populations.
  • The most commonly-cited benefit of Global Fund technical assistance (TA) was that it enables meaningful participation in Global Fund processes. The majority or respondents said there needs to be more TA available after concept note submission to support watch-dogging of implementation.
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