Global Fund Partnership Call, Wednesday 16 March, 15:00 -16:00 CET

Calling W4GF Advocates! Save the date for the next Global Fund Partnership Call and ensure gender is part of the discussions.

The next call will be on Wednesday 16 March, 15:00 -16:00 CET. (Topics to be shared soon)  Requests for topics to be covered in future calls should be sent to Rene Bangert at

Below are responses to questions emailed to the Global Fund following the last call:

Is there a possibility to extend the mandate of the CRG Special Initiative to be able to provide Technical Assistance throughout grant implementation?

  • The future of the Special Initiative depends on the Board’s decision; however, there have been many requests to extend the mandate of the Special Initiative to be able to provide TA from concept note/National Strategic Plan development through grant implementation.

What kind of TA is available to SRs, SSRs, and community groups to understand the new Global Fund Strategy and follow international standards?

  • Beyond grant signing, the six regional communication and coordination platforms and the eight Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund grantees can continue to provide support. The Progress Update  provides more background and lists the regional platforms and Robert Carr grantees.

Are there additional materials available on the Equitable Access Initiative?

  • More information about the Equitable Access Initiative can be found here.
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