Join W4GF and ICW at AIDS 2016 – July 21(11:00 – 12:15hrs): GFAN NWZ

Why it Matters! Advocacy by Women’s Organisations for the Global Fund 5th Replenishment

21st July 2016. 11:00 – 12:15hrs, Global Village
Global Fund Networking Zone Booth 604

The Panel Discussion is chaired by Rachel Ong, Communications Focal Point, Communities Delegation & Global Coordinator, Women4GlobalFund (W4GF)

Panel Speakers include:
Ms Linda Mafu, Global Fund Secretariat; Ms Maurine Murenga, International Community of Women Living with HIV Global (ICW); Rodelyn M. Marte (Asia Pacific Coalition of AIDS Service Organisations (APCASO),host of GFAN AP, and W4GF Steering Group member; and a representative from the Africa Platform, host of GFAN Africa.

For more information about why the 5th Replenishment is essential click here

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