Issues that affect adolescents more acutely than other age groups – gender inequality-related vulnerabilities, especially for girls; laws and policies that deprive adolescents of information and access to services; criminalisation of same-sex and high-risk behaviours that affect adolescents in key populations; exclusion from school; stigma and discrimination – indicate areas where more targeted, strategic investments are needed, and progress toward universal health coverage requires a transition from adolescent-friendly projects to adolescent-responsive systems.

The Global Fund Information Note: Strategic Investments for Adolescents in HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria Programs  includes:

  • Suggestions for practical solutions to a range of challenges faced by adolescents that are based on existing recommendations and technical guidance;
  • Guiding questions to be used as countries proceed through the funding model (country dialogue, including review of national plans and concept note development);
  • Key resources for designing and planning adolescent-focused interventions.

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