AIDS 2018! Join W4GF Advocates on Tuesday July 24 in the WZN – Booth 524!

“Breaking barriers and building bridges” is the theme of AIDS 2018 Conference, to be held in Amsterdam, 23-27 July 2018. This year’s theme highlights the importance of rights based approaches in addressing the needs of key populations and vulnerable communities, including in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the North-African/Middle Eastern regions where epidemics are growing. The conference provides informal opportunities to share and learn through its various networking zones.

Join W4GF in collaboration with Access Chapter 2 and Lean on Me Foundation for a session that will focus on The Role of Gender Programming in the CCM Evolution Agenda.  

Date               TUESDAY 24TH July 2018

Time              11.30-12.30

Location      Women’s Networking Zone, Global Village Hall, Booth 524To view the full WNZ Programme click  here.

The CCM guidelines demand equal representation in Global Fund-related decision-making yet only 40 percent of decision-makers in grant committees are women.  There is also an ongoing discussions around how to strengthen CCMs.

Session Objectives

  • Engage women in all their diversity around discussions on the evolution of CCMs and the links to gender equality
  • Facilitate dialogue amongst CCM representatives including young women on the CCM to share key challenges and devise solutions to meaningful engagement at the national level.


Another important space will be the Global Fund Networking Zones (GFNZ), hosted by the six regional communication and coordination platforms as part of the Global Fund’s Community Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative (CRG SI). The GNFZ will provide space to connect with the work of the regional platforms, learn more about the Global Fund’s CRG and engage and network with community partners supported by the Global Fund. The program will include sessions on HIV/TB, particularly issues that will be discussed in the upcoming high level TB meeting, and opportunities to learn from the Her Voice Fund, for adolescent girls and young women.     

To view the GFNZ programme click here

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