GLOBAL FUND NEW FUNDING CYCLE:Important Information for W4GF Advocates

ANNOUNCEMENT: GET READY NOW!!: The Global Fund has announced 2020-2022 Funding cycle

The Global Fund has published new information about the 2020-2022 funding cycle . This information is very important for W4GF advocates to be aware of and to start mobilising now to be able to engage well.The Global Fund’s gender-responsive approach is found in its Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 has driven specific investment approaches for women and girls, sometimes across a region and sometimes in a locally specific way.

The process for Global Fund applications is long and can be complicated so it is great that the Global Fund has given lots of advance notice for the next round. Dates for the next 3 application rounds  and review by the TRP are:

One important innovation is that the Global Fund has identified 5 new approaches to funding. The secretariat will decide which approach is going to be used for each country. It will be important to be ready to take action as soon as this has been decided. The 5 approaches are:

  1. Program Continuation: enables well-performing programs which require no significant changes to continue implementation with minimal distraction;
  2. Tailored for Focused Portfolios: application is streamlined and designed to meet the needs of countries with smaller funding amounts and disease burden, and to ensure targeted investments have the greatest impact.
  3. Tailored for National Strategic Plans: documentation requirements rely primarily on suitable national strategic plans referenced in place of the funding request narrative.
  4. Tailored for Transition: suitable for countries approaching transition from Global Fund financing, building sustainable programs with decreasing Global Fund support.
  5. Full Review: applications are a comprehensive review of strategic priorities and programming in higher burden countries.

Still have some questions find out more on the FAQs. Applicant guidance information can be found here.  More information on this process can be found here

More information will be shared as the process is ongoing. We encourage all W4GF advocates to please keep us informed if you are engaging with the process, and be in touch so that we can support your efforts. Now is the time to get ready to make sure that women and girls are not left behind and get the services they need.

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