Stop TB Partnership – Call for Members!

Developed Country NGO Delegation -Stop TB Partnership!

Are you a W4GF Advocate living and working in a developed country? Do you belong to a community or civil society organisation and include a focus on TB in your work and have working knowledge on how the Stop TB Partnership Operates (STBP)? If so then this call is for you!!

The Developed Country NGO Delegation to the Board of The Stop TB Partnership is currently inviting applications for membership from individuals representing and working with NGO’s in the countries making up the Developed Country Constituency (See below the list of countries). The selection process strives to achieve a balanced and representative Delegation with strong consideration for experience in TB, regional representation, gender and Human Rights.


[box type=”info”] The Delegation members support the Delegation leadership to perform the following functions: • Develop policies and strategies for Stop TB, in line with the agreed vision, mission, and values. • Make collective decisions on behalf of the constituency. • Represent constituency views. • Represent and voice the needs of developed country NGOs/CBOs. • Coordinate with outside agencies. • Advocate for the Stop TB Partnership and the Delegation, including mobilising resources to support its work where appropriate. • Participate in Board committees and working groups.[/box]

The deadline for applications is noon GMT on the 24th of September

To apply, candidates are requested to send the following documents to with a subject of “Application to Developed Country NGO Delegation: ” and your name. Your email should include the following:

  1. An expression of interest detailing:
    • Your understanding of the STBP and its work
    • Your NGO and civil society linkages
    • Details of your TB knowledge
    • The skills you would bring to the Delegation
  2. Letter from the applicant’s organization supporting the application and agreeing to the applicant’s time/travel commitments.
  3. Letter of support from any other national, regional or global NGO network or organization.
  4. Current curriculum vitae.
  5. Contact details for two or more professional references.

Please note : Applications without all requested documentation and those received after deadline will not be considered.

For more information see the full call for applications and Terms of References here

Kindly email for additional information:

List of countries that make up the Developed NGO Delegation: The Governance Manual uses the IMF’s list of the following 34 countries with “advanced economies:” United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Estonia, Cyprus, Malta, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Korea, Australia, Taiwan Province of China, Sweden, Hong Kong SAR, Switzerland, Singapore, Czech Republic, Norway, Israel, Denmark, New Zealand, Iceland.

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