W4GF Advocates: Access the schedule here and organise to meet Global Fund country teams in your country

The Global Fund Secretariat are planning the Country Team visits.

Approximately half of Global Fund Secretariat staff are involved in managing the Global Fund’s grant portfolio. This involves working directly with government partners, technical partners, civil society organizations and implementers at the ground level. The work is done through Country Teams, each of which focuses on one or more countries and each of which includes a procurement expert, a monitoring and evaluation expert, a legal expert, a finance specialist and a grant manager, as well as administrative support.

The Country Teams are planning their visits to each country. If you have not already seen the schedule you can access it here

This is an important opportunity to secure meetings with the Fund Portfolio Managers and the other Country Team members and be part of the discussion to ensure that gender; women and adolescent girls and young women remain on the agenda!

Chat to the civil society and communities CCM representatives to find out what the plan is and how you can engage.

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