NOT TO MISS! The Developing Country NGO Delegation share results of the 42nd Global Fund Board Meeting

The Global Fund 42nd Board meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland from 14-15 November 2019. Key Board documents including key decisions can be found here

During this Board meeting the Developing Country NGO Delegation prioritised key matters relating to civil society. This included the need to focus on prioritising human rights and gender equality – through strategic objective (SO) 3 – as key to unlocking and accelerating progress on underperforming key performance indicators. This was linked to a specific action point for civil society organisations (CSOs): “With the upcoming deep dive on SO 3 and the development of a new Global Fund Strategy we welcome views from CSOs on what the Board, Secretariat, Partners and Implementers can do to ensure human rights and gender are fully operationalised and are a part of the next Strategy.”

The Delegation update on 25 November, highlighted eight important areas of focus during the 42nd Board meeting. These include:

  1. Approval of the sources and sses of Funds for the next allocation for 2020-2022:
  2. Doing business differently
  3. Prioritizing human rights and gender equality
  4. Addressing civil society concerns:
  5. Sourcing and supply chain
  6. Global Fund governance
  7. Planning future strategy
  8. Meaningful inclusion of young people.

The full update is accessible here

For more information contact Lesley Odendal, Constituency Focal Point, Developing Country NGO delegation,


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