Surveillance, Monitoring & Evaluation of Malaria Programmes Online Course 2020

Are you are W4GF Advocate working on malaria? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about surveillance, monitoring, and evaluation (SME) of malaria programs?

Measure Evaluation, university of North Carolina is hosting (FREE of charge) public e-learning course in SME of malaria programmes. This plays a vital role in all malaria control and prevention. This course (available in English and French) provides a comprehensive introduction to SME of malaria programs.

To find out more on the modules in this course, and enrolling for the course click here

While all people exposed to malaria can be affected, the risks of exposure and limitations to accessing adequate prevention and treatment remain disproportionately high amongst women (UNDP 2015) and unequal gender roles and gender dynamics give rise to different vulnerabilities (Measure Evaluation 2017). A combination of biological, socio-economic and cultural factors increase susceptibility amongst women specifically adolescent girls between 15-19 years, women living with HIV, pregnant women and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals (Factsheets on malaria and the SDGs 2015); (Measure Evolution 2017). About 70% of malaria deaths are among pregnant women and children under five.

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