Stop TB Partnership: TB human rights discussion group: Webinar recording on TB and gender

If you are a W4GF Advocate who works in TB then don’t miss this important webinar recording available here. The TB human rights discussion group webinar took place on 6 May and focused on TB and gender. This was an important discussion and provided guidance for consideration as advocates develop TB Global Fund funding request.

“In 2018, the Stop TB Partnership established a TB and human rights discussion group that meets virtually each month. The purpose of the discussion group is to unpack, explore, strategize and coordinate on key issues, challenges and opportunities for advancing a human rights-based response to tuberculosis (TB). Participants are from all regions of the world and include people affected by TB, civil society activists, lawyers and human rights and gender experts.

The aims of the discussion group are to:

  1. Explore human rights issues, including human rights violations, gender equity, stigma and discrimination, community monitoring, universal access for TB key populations and people affected by TB, community engagement among other areas;
  2. Analyze and overcome barriers and challenges experienced by people affected by TB through strategizing on effective responses and solutions to advance a human rights-based and gender-transformative TB response; and
  3. Capacitate and mobilise TB affected communities and human rights activists as part of a unified global movement to shift the paradigm and realise a people centred, human rights-based and gender transformative TB response.”

To find more information and to access the recordings of this and other discussion group recordings click here