Call for self-nominations to the Women4GloblaFund (W4GF) Advisory Group

Introduction to Women4GlobalFund

Women4GlobalFund (W4GF) is a global movement to make the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB & Malaria (Global Fund) responsive and accountable to the needs of women living with (and affected by) HIV, TB and malaria.

The direction of W4GF is overseen by its Advisory Group, and informed by Key Collaborators who work at national level, as well as through working in partnership with other key stakeholders – networks of key affected women, the Global Fund secretariat and Board Delegations, and technical partners including UNAIDS. These strategic partnerships support W4GF Advocates to achieve a range of objectives, strengthening the movement’s virtual organising, enhancing advocacy at national, regional and global level and developing key messages and priorities to deliver the Global Fund’s Strategic Objective 3: “To promote and protect human rights and gender equality”. A small (virtual) team – based in Kenya, the UK and Zimbabwe – supports the day-to-day work of the movement.

At the core of W4GF are nearly 200 community-based Advocates from more than 50 countries. W4GF’s strength is rooted in creating and maintaining connections among women in all of our diversity.  This means engaging with diverse women who are engaged at global, regional and national levels in Global Fund processes and structures in key regions most affected by HIV, TB and malaria. Women are not homogeneous: we include women living HIV, affected by TB and malaria, heterosexual, lesbian and bisexual, transgender, intersex and non-binary, women who use drugs, sex workers (over 18 year olds), adolescent girls and young women, Indigenous women, women who are sometimes displaced, migrants and women who are or have been incarcerated, and women with visible and invisible disabilities.

Advisory Group Role & Responsibility

Established in 2015, the W4GF Advisory Group provides technical and strategic advice to the W4GF Team. Members of the Advisory Group agree to our values and principles and provide guidance on:

  • W4GF strategy;
  • Identifying potential donors for W4GF;
  • Creating and implementing advocacy plans and activities;
  • Progressing activities in the annual W4GF workplan;
  • Other areas where the W4GF Global Coordinator seeks support.

Members of the Advisory Group are also committed to:

  • Supporting advocacy towards advancing the rights and health of women and girls in their own organisation(s) as well as through Global Fund related processes;
  • Expanding the reach of W4GF and the range of W4GF Advocates by building and linking partnerships, organisations and networks with W4GF and at national, regional and global levels;
  • Supporting action by W4GF Advocates at national, regional and global levels; and
  • Taking proactive action to share relevant information and communication related to women and girls, and relevantto the Global Fund.

Advisory Group members are expected to devote approximately 2 hours per week. Depending on Global Fund decision-making processes, the time might increase at various points of the year. Membership is on a volunteer, unpaid basis. To learn more about the Advisory Group find Terms of References here. As of July 2019, the Advisory Group has been supported by a Chair – this position is currently held by Maurine Murenga, who expects to handover to a new Advisory Group Chair during 2020. The ToR for the W4GF Chair is available here.


The Advisory Group currently comprises eight (8) members and these individuals represent community-based organisations and networks, or the civil society organisations that they are working for, and/or bring in additional expertise as individuals to the Advisory Group. Criteria for selection include:

  • Individuals from organisations focused on issues of women and girls, as well as promoting gender equity in Global Fund funded countries; and
  • Organisations working on HIV, tuberculosis and/or malaria.

The Advisory Group strive to ensure that the composition of the group reflects the diversity of W4GF, including:

  • Diversity in gender, sexual orientation and geography;
  • Individuals living with and/or directly affected by HIV, TB and/or malaria;
  • Expertise across the three diseases; and
  • Expertise in issues affecting and impacting key affected women.

Individuals who relocate to another organisation or network during their time on Advisory Group communicate this to the W4GF Chair and Global Coordinator who will consider whether they should remain on the Advisory Group on a case-by-case basis. The W4GF Global Coordinator supports the Advisory Group and serves as an ex officio member.

How to apply

To be considered to be invited to join the W4GF Advisory Group please submit an application via this link no later than Friday 10 July 2020. Please email with any further questions.

To download this full call which includes more information about our background click here

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