W4GF Strategy Working Group: Global Fund Strategy Development (2023-2028)

Women4GlobalFund has set up a working group to keep gender equity as a central priority in the next Global Fund Strategy (2023-2028).

The W4GF team hope to find common positions so our voices are heard strongly – and to keep you up-to-date on the processes and timelines. Some of them will be quite demanding. See the timeline in the infographic below.

Many of us are concerned that gender is falling off the agenda at the Global Fund and we need to make sure we don’t backtrack on the gains we have made – no matter how small.  It is clear from the TRPs’ most recent report that despite some progress not enough is happening especially beyond the 13 countries that are tracking work around adolescent girls and young women and this is a worrying trend that the next strategy must address.

“Few funding requests addressed the broader dimensions of community systems strengthening (CSS), including capacity-building for key population-led civil society organizations (CSOs) or promoting an enabling environment for rights-based and gender-sensitive programming.…..The TRP is still reviewing a number of gender-blind funding requests, with limited attention to the gendered dimensions of malaria in particular, and inadequate use of sex- and age-disaggregated data…..The gender dimensions of human rights were largely missing from funding requests.”

The W4GF Strategy Working Group will generate ideas throughout the process to advocate for concrete ways to keep gender equity central to the work of the Global Fund moving forward. For this reason we are including the UNAIDS strategy in our work given that the Global Fund’s Strategy is aligned to existing international targets from partners such as UNAIDS among others.

If you are still wanting to join this W4GF Strategy Working Group please email sophie@women4gf.org directly.

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