Documenting experiences & lessons learnt in Global Fund country dialogues

Documenting experiences & lessons learnt in Global Fund country dialogues

Many Women4GlobalFund W4GF Advocates have engaged at the national level to influence funding requests submitted in the Global Fund’s 2020–2022 allocation cycle. Whilst we have made many strides, in some countries meaningful engagement remains a challenge and advocates have worked hard to advocate for programmes and services to be included in funding requests submitted to the Global Fund that are gender sensitive or transformative – edging countries towards gender equity.

This document is a guide and provides suggestions to support W4GF Advocates to assess their level of engagement and document their experience and lessons learnt. Reflecting on engagement and documenting the work and experience enables W4GF Advocates to better understand their strategy and engagement and track progress of meaningful engagement and results in the following processes:

  • The funding request development and its submission;
  • Technical Review Panel (TRP) feedback discussions; and in
  • Grant-making.

Documenting lessons learnt and recommendations will support future Advocates and alert them to key strategies, moments to be conscious of, allies and foes, and actions that have impact and can make the difference.

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