W4GF is seeking a Project Director to lead W4GF’s Accountability Toolkit work

Women4GlobalFund (W4GF) are excited to announce that we are scaling up our Accountability work. In September we will kick off a pilot project in three countries – everyone is still welcome to use the W4GF Accountability Framework/Toolkit here.  W4GF is seeking a Project Director to lead W4GF’s work on the Accountability Toolkit. We are looking for someone with a track record of successfully leading and managing national or regional programmes and projects, and with a firm commitment to the values and objectives of W4GF, to lead on the implementation of the W4GF Accountability Toolkit.

The Project Director will have oversight of the entire project to ensure that the four stages of the work (see the ToR attached) are implemented according to timelines and delivered to a high standard.

We are looking for a woman (self defined) with the following competencies and experience.  If you think you might be perfect for this please complete the following form here by Thursday 20 August 2020. 


  • Strong ability to self-organise and work independently, remotely and remain flexible, while delivering quality work on time.
  • Strong ability to work fast to establish priorities and organise work elements in a crosscutting programme.
  • Strategic skills, capacity to see the big picture and to identify and analyse how individual actions contribute to broader, long term gains
  • Excellent ability to communicate and foster good spirits, build consensus amongst diverse groups of women and respect diversities: cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality, professional and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Excellent planning, goal-setting and prioritization skills with proven analytical and problem-solving skills.

Required Experience

  • University degree or five years equivalent of extensive development experience that combines policy analysis, dialogue and advocacy, capacity-building and knowledge management relating to gender equality/equity and women’s empowerment.
  • Proven experience and ability to drive advocacy for women’s rights, engagement and social change, with a track record of substantive work to advance the rights of ALL women.
  • Familiarity with how the Global Fund works at the national and global level as well as awareness and/experience with community based monitoring.
  • Experience working with networks, with a solid understanding of challenges and concerns of women in all their diversity in community, civil society networks, or coalition settings.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the core values and principles of W4GF and willingness to pursue the vision, mission and objectives of W4GF.

There are more details in the full ToR available here

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