Learning from W4GF Advocates Report

The W4GF team regularly seeks to learn how to improve the support provided to the W4GF Advocates and other women in implementing countries.

In order to understand better how the W4GF team can support existing and new W4GF Advocates, the team conducted an online semi-structured survey in English and French and conducted open-ended interviews with a representative sample of 11 W4GF Advocates, including those who have excelled in influential roles.

W4GF is fortunate to have built connections with women and young women working at national levels who – despite the patriarchy – work to address and respond to the inequalities facing women in all their diversity. W4GF is a global movement with Advocates across different countries with diverse contexts and challenges. What unites us is the need to hold the Global Fund and other stakeholders accountable to allocating funds to meet the rights and needs of women and to ensure policy and processes that edge countries towards gender equality.  

The online survey and interviews have provided important information for W4GF to continue what is working well and to ensure more cohesive and robust support to Advocates.  W4GF is committed to ensuring that information is readily available and accessible. These findings show that while W4GF is providing important and relevant information through its website, webinars, emails, advocacy and guidance documents, it is still not as accessible as it should be. Moving forward, this will be a key area of work, especially given that the impact of COVID-19 has created even more opportunities to strengthen virtual work to support W4GF Advocates.

Read the full report here

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