CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Constituency Focal Point for the Developed Country NGO Delegation to the Board of The Global Fund

DEADLINE: 11 May 2021 1700 EST

The Developed Country NGO Delegation to the Board of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS,  Tuberculosis and Malaria (the Global Fund) is seeking applications for its next Constituency Focal Point (CFP). 

I. The Developed Country NGO Delegation  

The Developed Country NGO Delegation is one of the twenty voting delegations represented on the Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (the Global Fund). It is a member of the Board’s Implementer Group.  The delegation consists of three leadership positions—the Board Member (BM), the Alternate Board Member (ABM), and the CFP—and eleven members. These members represent the delegation’s broader constituency, which includes representatives of NGOs based in countries ineligible for Global Fund allocations due to income status.  

The delegation’s mission is to bring the voices of civil society to the Global Fund and ensure that the Fund remains transparent, ambitious, and impactful as it works toward the vision of a world free of HIV, TB, and malaria.  The delegation works to uphold the core values of impact, transparency, human rights,  meaningful engagement and partnerships, and activism through its work on the Board.  

The core objectives of the delegation are:  

  • To ensure that the needs of civil society are embedded in the Global Fund’s  structure;  
  • To contribute significantly to Board and Committee discussions on issues that are  important to is constituency, including ensuring that the Global Fund Board makes  decisions that preserve the role of civil society within Global Fund;  
  • To keep the Global Fund honest by ensuring its transparency and accountability; 
  • To ensure that the Global Fund as a funding mechanism is accessible and easy to  understand for civil society organizations;  
  • To ensure that the Global Fund is fully funded to maximize impact and achieve its  vision.  

II. Position Background 

The CFP is responsible for the day-to-day management of the delegation. This includes regular communication with the BM and ABM to plan and organize the delegation’s work  throughout the year; acting as the primary interlocutor between the delegation and the  Global Fund’s Governance Team; ensuring the delegation and its broader constituency are kept informed on relevant Global Fund discussions and decisions; and providing technical expertise and analysis on matters relating to AIDS, TB and malaria to help shape  the delegation’s positions on Global Fund policy. 

III. Terms 

The CFP position will serve up to 3 years and is subject to an annual performance review.  The CFP may renew their term once, based on an assessment process that is convened by  the BM and ABM.  

This is a paid position. The CFP will be paid at minimum 0.6% FTE (24 hours per week) with a  possibility to increase the number of hours per week depending on the availability of  funding. However, the CFP should expect to dedicate 100% of their time to the delegation in  the weeks preceding and during each board and committee meeting, and the annual Implementer Group retreat (11 weeks total).  

IV. Core Responsibilities 

  • Coordinate the delegation’s internal communications and work processes, tracking  the Delegation’s work plan and priorities; 
  • Manage the delegation budget and costed work plan, tracking expenses and  submitting progress reports to the BM, ABM and the Office of Board Affairs as  appropriate;  
  • Participate in weekly leadership calls with the BM and ABM; 
  • Ensure the timely sharing of communications and documents from the Global Fund  Governance Team to the delegation, and vice versa; 
  • Manage the delegation’s external communications, including with its broader  constituency and other board delegations; 
  • Regularly update the delegation’s website and social media pages; 
  • Plan and coordinate the delegation’s preparatory work for bi-annual board meetings  and tri-annual board committee meetings; 
  • Coordinate the delegation’s annual retreat and bi-weekly delegation meetings;
  • Draft talking points, policy statements, press releases, and other formal  communications on delegation positions and other issues relating to the Global  Fund; 
  • Manage the delegation’s internal governance processes, including the regular  recruitment of new members, board members and alternate board members;
  • Provide technical expertise and analysis on policy decisions facing the board; 
  • Help the delegation build and maintain strong working relationships with other  board delegations, and the Developing Country NGO and Communities delegations,in particular. 
  • Attend all board meetings 

V. Qualifications 

  • Diploma and/or university degree; 
  • Minimum 5 year of relevant professional experience;
  • Demonstrated understanding of the role of civil society in global health and/or  development—and within the Global Fund, specifically;
  • Strong technical understanding of global health policy and/or program  implementation; 
  • Strong communications skills, including the use of social media to reach a broad and  diverse constituency; 
  • Background in policy analysis desirable; 
  • Excellent writing and editing skills; 
  • Experience with budget management and financial reporting; 
  • Strong diplomatic and negotiation skills with the ability to build and maintain  working relationships with diverse constituencies;
  • Ability to work independently; 
  • Willingness to travel internationally (6 – 8 weeks annually) (all engagements are currently happening virtually until further notice); 
  • Demonstrated commitment to the values and objectives of the Global Fund,  including and especially gender equity and human rights. 

VI. Application 

Interested candidates should send the following as a single Word or PDF file:  

  • Cover letter 
  • Curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages)  
  • 1 letter of reference (1 page) 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Late Applications will not be accepted. Applications should be submitted to Kataisee Richardson 

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