63 people joined this webinar organised together with the Global Fund and UNAIDS, on Tuesday 16 March to get an update from the Global Fund on their COVID-19 Response Mechanism – to be launched at the end of March. The Global Fund is fundraising for is a minimum of US$5 billion to support the next phased of its COVID-19 Response Mechanism. The webinar explained what the Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism is and: 

  • What is happening with the next phase of this within this allocation cycle 
  • What areas/ activities with the funds cover?
  • What will the process be for countries to apply?
  • How can women and communities can engage and what do we need to know?

The Global Fund presented to a survey results from consultations with civil society around its response to COVID-19. We highlight the following that must be addressed moving forward, as well as what gets funded:

  • Only 76% of civil society CCM members had timely and relevant information on C19RM.
  • Less than 15% of civil society were involved in the writing, costing and budgeting of C19RM funding request  
  • 32% of civil society CCM members did not see the final version of the funding request.  
  • 51% of civil society CCM members said their priorities were not included in the funding request.

The webinar recording can be accessed here

A key outcome of this webinar was this note sent to the Global Fund that highlights key areas – some of which are already in the CRG guidance note and some that are new issues from our perspective – that the Global Fund must prioritize for support in the next phase of the C19RM. See this here How and why to improve the Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM)

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