We are looking for a Co-Lead Global Coordinator

This document outlines everything you need to know about this position and how to apply.

Scope of Work

The Co-Lead Global Coordinator position will work alongside the existing Global Coordinator and together they will oversee and manage the W4GF movement. The Global Coordinators are contracted on a consultancy basis for up to two working days a week.  

The Global Coordinators shall be primarily responsible for the day-to-day management of W4GF, and shall have responsibilities including but not limited to:

  1. Providing direction, leadership and management of the W4GF team, including recruiting and performance management of team members
  2. Resource Mobilisation and development of appropriate, administrative, financial, monitoring and evaluation management systems to support the effective functioning of W4GF as well as creating budgets and work-plans and ensuring timely implementation
  3. Maintaining W4GF’s relationship with W4GF advocates and partners; the Steering Group, fiscal agents and its donors
  4. Coordinating the function of the Steering Group which includes obtaining approval of budgets and work plans and providing regular and adequate updates to the Steering Group on the day-to-day management of W4GF.

More on these is here:

2.a Providing direction, leadership and management of the W4GF team, including recruiting and performance management of team membersThis includes providing direction and leadership to sustain and grow the W4GF movement as well as:

  • Leading and managing the W4GF Team (staff/consultants,) including the recruitment, performance assessment, retention and removal of relevant personnel.
  • Working with and expanding the W4GF movement and support W4GF Advocates 
  • Developing and providing oversight of the W4GF budgets strategy and work plan 
  • Ensuring the implementation of all W4GF activities as outlined in the work plan. This could include activities such as providing virtual support (through the website, social media, webinars etc); supporting gender equality activities of W4GF advocates in country, including in-country workshops, and organising regional and/or global workshops; and delivering advocacy and communication products to build understanding and further our shared agenda on women, girls, gender equality and the Global Fund.

2.b Resource Mobilization and development of appropriate administrative, financial, monitoring and evaluation management system. This includes coordinating resource mobilisation efforts and ensuring effective grant management for a sustainable and functioning W4GF movement, supported by the Team including:

  • Identifying funding opportunities, liaise with, strengthen and develop a diversified donor base and potential W4GF supporters on relevant activities
  • Coordinating resource mobilisation efforts, proposal development and grant reporting based on approved workplans
  • Coordinating and developing efficient financial and reporting systems for grant and annual reporting.

2.c Maintaining W4GF’s relationship with W4GF advocates and partners; the Steering Group, fiscal agents and its donors W4GF’s strength is rooted in building and sustaining connections among women in all of our diversity, and building an effective global movement. The core work of the W4GF Team is to build, strengthen and sustain W4GF as a virtual network of diverse advocates who promote gender equity through the Global Fund,  and to secure the infrastructure that will support our work and activities in a cohesive manner. 

These partnerships enable the expansion and reach of the W4GF movement, to mobilise more Advocates, especially those already engaged with partners who may not otherwise engage with the W4GF agenda, and to maximise the impact of W4GF Advocacy. 

Beyond the administrative partnership with ICASO (the International Council of AIDS Service Organisations, and in time the Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS and Health Service Organisations, (EANNASO) as fiscal agents – there are broadly three types of W4GF partnerships including:

  • Engagement with networks of women living with the three diseases
  • Collaborate with the Global Fund-oriented structures
  • Strengthening Technical partnerships 

 More essential reading on our partnerships is available on our website.

2.d Coordinating the function of the Steering Group that provides effective oversight and governance. This work includes:

  • Ensuring the ToRs are respected and oversee processes and structures to support the functioning and work of the W4GF Steering Group 
  • Maintaining close and regular communication with W4GF Steering Group members
  • Obtaining approval of budgets and work plans 
  • Providing regular and adequate updates to the Steering Group on the day-to-day management of W4GF.

Core Competencies 

  • Strong ability to self-organise and work independently, remotely and remain flexible with worktimes. 
  • Strong ability to work effectively and ability to establish priorities and organise work elements in a crosscutting program. 
  • Strategic skills, capacity to see the big picture and to identify and analyse how individual actions contribute to broader, long term gains.
  • Excellent ability to communicate well and foster good spirits, build consensus amongst diverse groups of women and respect diversities: cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality, professional and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Excellent finance management skills 
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills with proven expertise to consolidate information from multiple sources and synthesise such information into coherent feedback.
  • Excellent planning, goal-setting and prioritization skills with proven analytical and problem-solving skills.

Functional Competencies

  • Familiarity with how the Global Fund works at the global and national level and substantive knowledge related to current Global Fund policies and practices.
  • Commitment to working with women in all their diversity, with a deep commitment to the leadership of women living with HIV, and to advancing the rights and leadership of women from key populations, including transgender women, women who use drugs, women who sell sex.
  • Understanding of challenges and concerns of all women and girls in community; civil society networks; or coalition settings.
  • Proven track record of advocacy related work and ability to convey strategic thinking and policy guidance on behalf of women in all their diversity.

Required Experience

  • Demonstrated commitment to the core values and principles of W4GF and willingness to pursue the vision and mission of W4GF with a track record of  substantive work to advance the rights of ALL women.
  • Deep understanding of the global and local responses to HIV, TB and Malaria with a solid awareness of the work of the Global Fund in delivering funding for these programmes
  • Strong commitment to gender equality, with an appreciation of gender sensitive and gender transformative programming
  • Experience working with networks, with a solid understanding of challenges and concerns of women in all their diversity in community, civil society networks, or coalition settings.
  • Proven experience and ability to lead and drive advocacy for women’s rights, engagement and social change.
  • University degree or at least five years equivalent of extensive development experience that combines policy analysis, dialogue and advocacy, capacity-building and knowledge management relating to gender equality/equity and women’s empowerment.

How to Apply

Please submit a current CV (with two references) and a one-page cover letter (no more than 600 words) with your application. The email should have ‘W4GF Co-Lead Global Coordinator in the subject line. Your application should detail the following: 

  • Experience, skills and approach to the position and the scope of work 
  • Experience related to the Global Fund 
  • Experience working with women and commitment to gender equality/equity
  • Proven track record of advocacy related work 
  • Provide track record of managing a network
  • Your daily rate in your cover letter, and evidence of previous earnings at this rate.

This is a part time post, for up to two day per week. The Co-Lead Global Coordinator is expected to commit to working with W4GF for at least 12 months. Start date and remuneration will be discussed and negotiated with the successful candidate. Email this to info@women4gf.org before Friday 10 September 2021.

If you need more information about our movement

W4GF was created in 2013 to the ensure that gender equality is central to the Global Fund. The early focus was on the transition from the rounds-based system to the new funding model and took steps to ensure that women meaningful participated in key decisions to move the Global Fund forward. At that time, the only Global Fund guidance on gender was the Gender Equality Strategy (GES) and research by the founders of W4GF found that the GES was poorly implemented in many countries. W4GF advocated for the GES action plan to support gender-sensitive and transformative programmes to address underlying vulnerabilities faced by women and girls, and took steps to support advocates to understand the Global Fund and to enhance gender equality at all levels. To read more about W4GF’s history, success and impact click here.

More than half a decade into its existence W4GF as a movement has seen transformation and growth through the extension of global partnerships. W4GF played a key role in ensuring that gender equality was elevated to a key strategic objective in the new Global Fund Strategy 2017 – 2022 Investing to End Epidemics. As a result, Global Fund systems, policies and approaches now seek to promote gender equality and meaningful participation of diverse women, to have the greatest impact on HIV, TB and malaria and we continue to advocate for the Global Fund to maintain a focus on gender equality.

W4GF’s vision is to live in a world where all women have equal access to HIV, TB and malaria services and the treatment they need and that all women enjoy their rights and are afforded the same status and respect as men in society.

W4GF’s Mission is to catalyse the power of women in all their diversity to advance gender equality through the Global Fund – one of the world’s most important finance mechanisms for HIV, TB and malaria. W4GF is designed to empower women to participate in decision-making at global and national levels, to ensure diverse voices influence how money is spent to achieve the greatest impact in communities, and to hold the Global Fund accountable for the impact of spending that will advance gender equality.

W4GF’s strength is rooted in building and sustaining connections among women in all of their diversity, and building an effective global movement. The core work of the W4GF team is to build, strengthen and sustain W4GF as a virtual network of diverse advocates to promote gender equality through the Global Fund; and to secure the infrastructure that will support their work and activities in a cohesive manner. The direction of W4GF is overseen by its Steering Group, and informed by Key Collaborators at national level as well as other key stakeholders. W4GF works closely with key partners.

In addition to the core movement building, the W4GF team is guided by three objectives to sustain a platform for women in all their diversity: 

  • Objective 1: To improve awareness and understanding of Global Fund processes, policies and investment support among women in all their diversity around the world – so women of different backgrounds and experiences become stronger advocates, to influence how the Global Fund achieves gender equity and human rights at all levels;
  • Objective 2: To create a platform where women make connections, learn from each other, strategize and collaborate to set priorities for Global Fund advocacy;
  • Objective 3: To secure accountability for and critique of Global Fund investments: tracking Global Fund–supported programmes and services, and influencing global and national processes to inform stronger programming for women and girls.
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