Update on Country C19RM Funding Request Submissions


The W4GF Action Alert: Everything women need to know to engage in Global Fund C19RM and in French, Spanish and Russian helped to build understanding of the Global Fund’s second phase of its COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM). If you are still unsure of what C19RM is then click on one of the above links.

Through the C19RM, a substantial amount of funding became available at country and regional levels (through multi-country grants) to address challenges to the delivery of HIV, TB and malaria services that are caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and countries’ responses to it. 

From the Global Fund website

Where are we now?

Although most countries have now have submitted their funding requests – there is a sixth allocation window on 17 September for any who might need it.

A full list of countries with approved funding is available here. These numbers are only updated once countries have been notified of their funding approval.

Stay engaged

This slide below from the Global Fund is important and highlights the following key points as women continue to engage in this process:

  • Get a Copy of the Notification Letter: Contact your CCM representatives and make sure you are aware of the outcome of the C19RM request review. It is important that civil society and communities who were engaged in the C19RM request know the outcome of the review.  
  • Engage in the Grant Revision Process: Propose / offer your help or support for the grant revision process. Country Teams may ask the Principal Recipients and/or the CCM to involve communities in this process. Ask your CCM representatives to follow-up on the grant revision, especially on the efficiencies identified (savings). If the Notification Letter approves $10 million for interventions A, B and C, when the budgets are done, savings may be identified for B. It is important to know that because this is an opportunity to discuss what to do with the savings (and possibly funding above base activities from the C19RM request). 
  • Remain Vigilant Until the C19RM Grant is Signed: Once the grant revision is done, the CCM needs to approve it before the amendment to the grant is signed officially. Stay connected to the process until that happens, to make sure your inputs during Grant Revisions are approved by the CCM. 
  • Request Support During Grant Implementation: If there are any needs for support, such as Technical Assistance (TA), make sure you plan ahead for this. You can request C19RM TA from the Global Fund  immediately, with a request cut-off date very soon: 31 July 2021 Implementation of C19RM TA and finalisation of deliverables by 30 November 2021. Reach out to the CRG Platforms if you need this level of support.
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