The Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) is seeking members for its new International Steering Committee. The GFAN International Steering Committee (GFAN ISC) will be composed of at least 10 members who represent the diversity of the GFAN network and will support GFAN to fulfill its mission and strategies as volunteer experts providing advice and support. The GFAN ISC will do this in a collaborative way alongside GFAN Secretariat staff and the GFAN administrative host, Joep Lange Institute (JLI).

GFAN ISC Members will commit themselves to functioning in a way that creates and extends opportunities to support advocacy and action, build the movement, and mobilize resources for GFAN.

Members are expected to serve two-year terms and their key functions are to:

  • Participate regularly and actively in GFAN discussions and activities, such as participating in GFAN calls, supporting resource mobilization (fundraising) strategies, and when requested by the GFAN Director and willing to do so, representing GFAN at events and conferences.
  • Participate and respond in a timely way to ISC discussions -whether by email or meetings (virtual or face-to-face) and allocate between 5-8 hours monthly to supporting GFAN work.
  • Provide advice and guidance to strengthen GFAN’s activities and strategic direction in particular reviewing and endorsing annual high-level plans and budgets.
  • The GFAN ISC will be led by two co-chairs who are selected by the GFAN ISC members and all members are supported by the GFAN Secretariat staff.
  • Provide leadership and support as requested to the GFAN Director and staff team.

More specifically, core objectives of the GFAN ISC include:

  • Support the mobilisation of GFAN and its partners in strategies and actions.
  • Provide guidance and advice to the GFAN Secretariat in general, and the GFAN Director in particular
  • Support the development and approval process(es) of the GFAN multi-year Strategy and annual plans.
  • Review and endorse the GFAN multi-year and annual budget and review the GFAN annual reports and GFAN annual financial reports each year. These are provided to the ISC by JLI after review and approval by the JLI Board.
  • When necessary and as needed, organize working groups (and/or leads identified at a minimum) to:
    • Participate in the selection, appointment and annual performance reviews of the GFAN Director, and as needed, advise the JLI Board on issues related to GFAN Human Resource management generally
    • Support objectives and strategies for resource mobilization for GFAN in collaboration with JLI and active support for grant/funding applications
    • Transparently evaluate the ISC Terms of Reference and structures at regular intervals

Aside from being committed to GFAN’s mission to unite advocates worldwide for fully funded and effective efforts against the epidemics of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria and for attainment of health, human rights and sustainable development, members will be selected to ensure that the GFAN ISC reflects the diversity of the GFAN membership and broader partnership. GFAN seeks to build an ISC that has members:

  • who represent key populations and people with lived experience of the structural contributors to epidemics, such as poverty, migration, and criminalization.  
  • represent a balance of experience across health, human rights and sustainable development including the three epidemics of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.
  • that contribute to an ISC that is gender balanced and inclusive of youth and young leaders under the age of 35
  • that have expertise related to key GFAN partners, such as GFAN Africa and GFAN Asia-Pacific, Friends of the Global Fund organizations, global advocacy organizations, country advocacy networks, individual advocates, governmental advocates and allies such as parliamentarians, the Global Fund and technical partners respective Boards Communities and/or Civil Society Delegations
  • representative of the 6 world regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and the Pacific)

The general selection criteria for members of the ISC are:

  • A person currently employed by or otherwise formally affiliated (member of a Board, Advisory Committee or un-paid roles such as volunteer coordinators etc.) to an NGO or community-based organization, group or network that shares the mission, vision and values of GFAN
  • Fluency in spoken English as the working language of GFAN; other languages a strong asset.

How to apply:

  1. A two page letter explaining your interest and skills you would bring to the GFAN ISC
  2. A current short version of your CV (2-3 pages) that details any relevant similar experience (organizational Board, Advisory Group or other Steering group experience). Please also include current contact information (phone and email) for two references. 
  3. At least one organizational nomination letter from a current GFAN member ( the GFAN member has to have been signed up onto listserv on/prior to January 1st 2021). This letter must be on organizational letterhead and include a phone number and email that the nominating organization can be reached at.

OPTIONAL: a 2-3 minute video of the individual expressing their interest in serving on the GFAN ISC

Expressions of interest are due by 5 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday August 31st and should provide an email and phone number the candidate can be reached at in early September.

Applications should be sent to with a clear subject line such as: YOUR NAME – GFAN ISC

Interviews are expected to be conducted the week of August 16th by members of the current GFAN Steering Committee and the GFAN Director. A first meeting of the new GFAN ISC is expected to be convened in mid-September. Download a copy of this call for applications

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