Global Fund Board Approves New Strategy 2023-2028

The Global Fund Strategy 2023-2028 was approved at the Global Fund’s 46 Board Meeting (8 – 10 November 2021). Read the Strategy Fighting Pandemics and Building a Healthier and More Equitable World with a primary goal to end AIDS, TB and malaria.

W4GF Advocates have engaged in this highly consultative two-year process and we welcome this new Strategy and its mutually reinforcing objectives that promote people-centered services with intensified action to address inequities, human rights and gender-related barriers. This Strategy, which includes maximizing health equity, gender equality and human rights as a standalone objective can enable the Global Fund to deliver on the unmet promises made in the Gender Equality Strategy in the second quarter of 2009.

This Strategy Narrative will kickstart preparations for implementation and will inform a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation (M&E) Framework with key performance indicators (KPIs), to measure the success of the Global Fund.

As shared by Aidspan the Global Fund Board made the following decisions:

  1. Requested the Secretariat develop, for presentation to the Strategy Committee in March 2022 and subsequently the Board in May 2022, an approach for Strategy implementation with a focus on delivering the key changes outlined in the Strategy using all existing levers and identifying where new solutions will be required; and
  2. Expresses its recognition to the Standing Committees for their work in the context of the development of the Strategy and looks forward to the continuous engagement between the Board, Secretariat and the Standing Committees, in line with their respective mandates, throughout the implementation of the Strategy.

Budgetary implications: The Secretariat will work with the Audit and Finance Committee on anticipated costing and operating expenses related to the Strategy once the Final Strategy is approved.

We continue to advocate that W4GF and its advocates continue to be meaningfully engaged as this Strategy Narrative kickstarts preparations for implementation and informs the M& E framework with KPIs, to measure performance. We further request that the Global Fund delivers on the following to ensure the success of this strategy:  

  • Ensure a well-resourced team on gender equality across the Global Fund; 
  • Provide funding for communities;
  • Develop a robust M&E accountability framework on gender equality.
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