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Calling all W4GF advocates! Have your say on how we can strengthen UNDETECTABLE=UNTRANSMITTABLE (U=U) programmes so that we can make sure that countries work to remove barriers to women being able to accesses the services and support to remain undetectable and to prevent HIV transmission. This is a key priority area of the Global Fund and sharing our personal experience can ensure that the Global Fund is more responsive to the needs of women and girls.  

the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) is exploring drivers that help achieve and sustain an undetectable HIV viral load status which is the basis for U=U.

Since 1991, ICASO has mobilised communities worldwide to assert leadership in the global responses to HIV and intersecting health and human rights issues. ICASO’s efforts have helped to ensure that key actors such as UNAIDS and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria are responsive to community priorities and through our collaborative and inclusive approach, we have established a unique role as an effective coalition-builder and a trusted advocacy partner.  

ICASO is a proud partner and supporter of the U=U movement and is committed to sharing the messages inherent in U=U as part of our combined efforts to dismantle HIV stigma, improve the lives of people living with HIV, and bring us closer to ending the epidemic. Through the production of community led and evidence-based resources including supporting community action to promote the U=U message, ICASO continues to play its role in seeing and end to HIV.  The work that ICASO has done to date on the promotion of U=U can be located here

This project will be part of a number of health resources that ICASO has developed in the further support of the U=U message.


The call to action to people living with HIV, healthcare workers and policy makers behind the U=U message has been taken up with vigour around the world. However, attaining and sustaining an undetectable viral load requires a number of structural and psychosocial factors to be in place and maintained. This project aims to determine what are the key drivers of U=U, which ones are more influential than others and create an infographic in multiple languages that represents the power behind U=U. 

The project development has two consultative elements:

  1. Seek feedback from key global opinion leaders regarding two key questions:
    1. What are the “factors” that drive and make possible U=U?
    2. What are some of the outcomes that communities experience when U=U is achieved at both the individual and community level? 
  2. Seek wide-spread survey feedback from PLHIV, healthcare providers, policy makers and advocates on the ranking of the “factors” that drive U=U? (to be made available in French, Spanish, Russian and English)

A key output will be an infographic in multiple languages, available in the lead up to the AIDS2022 conference in Montréal, Canada.


Please take part in the feedback on the drivers and outcomes behind U=U and assist with distributing the survey so we are able to achieve a global response to the critical questions.

The survey  is also accessible through the QR code below. Provide your reflections on these two questions by no later than 25 March 2022.

“What is required to ensure that U=U is achieved & sustained?”

“What are the outcomes that individuals & communities are experiencing from promoting U=U?”

For more information please contact: Brent C Allan (they/them) at

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