We are happy to share the letters sent to the new Board of the Global Fund:


Lady Roslyn Morauta

Global Fund Board Chair


Bience Gawanas

Global Fund Vice-Chair 

RE: Strengthening partnerships for gender equality and equity between The Global Fund and Women4GlobalFund

Women 4 Global Fund  (W4GF) welcomes your appointment as Chair of the Global Fund Board. We believe that your experience and career in fighting for the most vulnerable, particularly for women’s right to health, is inspiring and shares common ground with our work, vision, and values. We are confident that we can work closely together on gender-sensitive and transformative actions for women in all of our diversity, in the fight against AIDS, TB, and Malaria through meaningful engagement and participation by all of us in our diversity. We congratulate The Global Fund for bringing two women with an exceptional level of leadership and international expertise to the governance of the institution.

W4GF is  a global network of gender equality advocates from 62 countries, committed to ensuring that the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria programmes are gender transformative to meet the rights and priorities of women and girls in all our diversity. We recognise that Women’s Rights are Human Rights and that we have a legitimate right to benefit equitably from HIV, TB, and malaria health services including treatment and prevention, regardless of our health status, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, race, class, caste, work, lifestyle, and other statuses. We advocate for the principles of inclusion and meaningful participation to be reflected and upheld in all Global Fund strategies, policies, and decision-making processes, including at all relevant national levels. This, especially important during the current Grant Cycle 7. 

We also seek accountability and responsibility for what the Global Fund has stated in the new Global Fund Strategy (2023 -2028). We want transparency about how decisions are made and what informs them, to ensure that resources are aligned with the Global Fund’s core strategic goal of promoting and protecting human rights and gender equality. We know that our objectives are achievable and legitimate, if supported by political will, evidence, and sustained funding. We believe that the most powerful way to do this is through the coordinated work of key actors and stakeholders and the effective and meaningful engagement of women in all of our diversity, so we offer you all our support and willingness to work side by side on our shared mission.

We wish you the best in your new role and position. Let us reiterate and offer our support for any action that could bring us closer to guaranteeing the right to health for women in all our diversity. W4GF will be honoured if you can consider a time in your agenda so we can further extend this dialogue in a meeting. 

Ángela León Cáceres 

W4GF Global Coordinator

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