We are excited to unveil our new knowledge-sharing tool. Let’s introduce the W4GF’sDigital Dossier, intended to improve accessibility and comprehension of the current Global Fund’s Strategy (2023–2025) and, eventually, guarantee complete information access to HIV, TB, and malaria services for women and girls through Global Fund Programmes.

We at W4GF understand the difficulties women, girls, and young people face navigating Global Fund’s processes. Many may find it difficult and complex to actively engage in the Country Coordinating Mechanisms and obtain funding for gender-transformative actions, especially in light of the disparities in internet access and educational opportunities.

Our solution to these issues is the Digital Dossier. It aspires to be a user-friendly, widely distributed resource that equips you with essential knowledge and advocacy messages backed by evidence, enabling you to create engagement strategies for securing funding. This initiative results from our mentorship program, leading in gender-oriented advocacy, primarily focusing on establishing a transparent and inclusive funding application development process through the Country Coordinating Mechanism.

Our Digital Dossier aims to collect precise, summarised, culturally sensitive, and language-appropriate information, meticulously curated to guide you through the Global Fund’s 2023-2025 Allocation Cycle. It encompasses programmatic guidance, program reviews, frameworks, and various supporting materials tailored to your needs.

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits within the Digital Dossier:

1. Mentorship Program Presentations: Dive into the program’s core objectives, structure, and benefits. These presentations emphasise the transformative impact of the Mentorship Program on Global Fund engagement and women’s participation, inspiring active involvement  at every step of the journey.

2. Grant Cycle 7: Information Notes and Community Toolbox: Get a comprehensive overview of the Grant Cycle 7, including application processes, eligibility criteria, and project scope. The community toolbox provides templates and best practices, fostering collaboration among women’s organisations and streamlining the proposal process for innovative projects.

3. Advocacy and Women’s Engagement: Delve into strategic documents and advocacy initiatives designed to amplify women’s voices, dismantle systemic barriers, and empower women in decision-making processes. Remember: Women’s Rights are Human Rights!

4. The Global Fund: Key Information: Understand the pivotal role of the Global Fund in global health efforts—its mission, financing mechanisms, and impact on combating diseases. Learn how the GlobalFund strengthens partnerships, supports health systems, and contributes to saving lives worldwide – with a gender lens.

5. Communication Products and Tools: Explore our communication products designed to make key Global Fund aspects accessible, allowing you to spread the word within your organisation and social networks. Women have the Legitimate Right to Equitably Benefit from HIV, TB and Malaria Resources! 

This tool can be improved, but it is only possible with your valuable feedback. Please visit the online dossier, browse and review it. We highly appreciate your recommendations for essential documents that we ought to include. Kindly click on this link to submit your recommendations.

Please go through our digital dossier and kindly share it with your networks too: Digital Dossier.

Together as a community, we empower each other to build a world where women in their diversity have comprehensive access to HIV, TB and malaria services. 


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